Take Out with Lisa Ling on HBO Max

I really enjoyed this and hope it comes back for another season.

‘Take Out with Lisa Ling’ Is a Delicious Crash Course on Asian America


Little Saigon and Otomisan in Boyle Heights are featured ^^^^

I’ll definitely watch when I get home


Thanks!! It got put on my radar from the kids at East Los Musubi! Will have to queue it up!

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I so want to try the Hot Cheetos spam musubi! :smile:

I really love those two episodes.


I really really enjoyed the Boyle Heights episode.

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I jumped to the Korean episode after Mix Mix episode. Both were new takes on Filipino and Korean food. They went to new places in the US that highlighted the diaspora. Never knew about the huge Asian population in northern Virginia. I like the show.


“We were about as Bangladeshi as Pee-Wee Herman.”

In the Virginia episode she said the area has the third-largest concentration of Koreans in the US, but I’m not sure where she got that.