Tatel (Beverly Hills): A Pictorial Essay

The newest jewel on the Tatel brand’s crown, Tatel Beverly Hills debuted last evening in the former Nic’s space on North Canon Drive. Celebrity Iberian athletes Rafael Nadal, Cristiano Ronaldo and Pau Gasol are all part of the investment team behind this high-end Madrid-style terraza concept, with Michelin Star Chef Luigi Fineo helming the kitchen. Live music, dim lighting and lively social vibes pervade throughout.

Cocktail: Sin Nombre (Green Chartreuse, Vermouth, Orange Bitter)… A very well-poured aperitivo.

Onto the food! ¡Buen provecho!

Jamón ibérico de bellota… The premium ham slices here were cut too thick, which detracted from its full enjoyment. The pan tumaca accompanying was quite tasty, though.

Tortilla española (Tatel Classic), with black truffle… Splendid!!! Huge bite! The tortilla was served nice and warm (but not piping hot), with the egg slightly runny in the center. Though the truffle was supposed to work its magic, I found its aroma and taste to be virtually undetectable in this dish (something which I was actually kinda glad about, since it allowed me to focus on the potatoes and eggs). This is the best Spanish tortilla I’ve yet experienced ion Southern California - Try this!

Seeing a server rush by with what looked like a beautifully cooked arroz dish, I just had to order it for myself…

Carabineros paella… Perfectly cooked carabinero prawns topped this classic Spanish dish. The complex sofrito used in the paella obvious involved using the shrimp heads (this scored big points with me). I quite liked the wonderful reminder of the giant prawns as I ate every grain of the rice. Though imbued with flavor, it’s a shame that the arroz arrived too moist. Despite me asking my server in advance to allow the paella more time to cook in the kitchen, alas there was little socarrat to be had, as the rice I received should have stayed on the fire just a tad longer.

Dessert time!

Tatel World Famous Cheesecake… Basque in style, this was a nice little treat. I enjoyed it with a cappucino to round out my meal.

El retrete…

I hope the management hires or trains someone to care for that beautiful jamon a bit better…

With indoor, outdoor and bar seating, Tatel Beverly Hills hopes to import the frenetic, highly social terraza scene from Spain for all Angelenos to discover. Late night local diners will be happy to know that, true to the Spanish spirit, the kitchen stays open quite late, and especially so on Friday and Saturday nights. I’ll definitely try to return for more of the Spanish dishes from Chef Fineo’s menu.


Tatel Beverly Hills
453 N. Canon Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Love the report, cant’t wait to try…what does the name mean Senor
Come un Montón?

Did you take a pic of the menu by any chance?

Shame about the jamon.

Here you go…


How did you deal with all the dishes that are listed as “min. 2 people?”
It should say “min. 2 people or one JL”


Sounds lovely overall, but slicing the jamón that thickly seems like a cardinal sin (and kind of “tragic”). Hope the restaurant sees your report.

Sir Eatz-a-Lot

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I have big appetite like bang bang and I cannot lie…


Learn this phrase: “Tengo mucho hambre.”

We tried Tatel yesterday and saw this posting today. Funny thing is we also tried these dishes; spot on most your review J-L!
We also tried the Eggplant Chips and a few other dishes to test for authenticity. The sabayon sauce on the Eggplant is different…but the fried eggplant was very good…best version we’ve tasted stateside.
I guess Chef Fineo has a few of his own touches or refining (no punt intended) on his menu. As a Spaniard, this is sad. But as a foodie in LA, we can understand why Fineo made a few tweaks to the local pallet. For instance, the Pan Tumaca uses roasted garlic and sourdough bread. Authentic is never sourdough and should be raw garlic. The EVOO is bland (doubt if Spanish). He should try il Pastaio’s EVOO down the street; ironically, it taste more Spanish.