Tedious bickering about Covid-19

Thank you for writing this !

You obviously don’t understand, or just want to turn a blind eye. Makeshift “shit” (to use your word, which I otherwise wouldn’t have chosen) isn’t going to help restaurant workers except for a few moments. Covid is here for the long term and this crap isn’t going to help them. There has to be a better way. Get it?

I’m disappointed that you have such a singular view of things, Honk. No room for seeing long-term in your mind, I guess.

You are the one who was constantly complaining that the Covid reaction from governors, public etc. is pretty much an overreaction and that those who are supporting these restrictions are hurting the restaurants etc. Now restaurants are trying desperately to find ways to create some revenues in good, creative ways (and there are not too many other cheap ways for them) and instead of supporting them (which you whined you would do the whole last three months) you come up with, quite frankly, BS arguments that the aesthetics are not pleasing enough for your eyes to support them. It is obvious that you don’t have a clue about the dire financial situation for nearly all restaurants (which can’t be saved by takeout and the second wave will come soon as we start to see already in a number of states which will kill off far more restaurants than so far) and if your previous ramblings would have been true (which they obviously are not) that you would like to support restaurants you should just STFU and forget “aesthetics” and truly support the restaurants.


Whew! I’m glad you got that out.

The older I get the more annoyed I react on hypocrites - must be the current government

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OK, here’s the list:

  1. I support the Swedish approach, apart from the failure to protect vulnerable elderly. Their restaurants aren’t suffering like ours are.
  2. As I’ve said for the past three months, I fear the government more than the disease. The government didn’t need to instantly close all restaurants, with little warning. As you said at the time, patronage at restaurants was already way down before the government stepped in. People do have common sense. The restrictions could have been made in a way that didn’t shut down restaurants completely in the first place. But now too much time has passed, and with many on the verge of collapse, they’re understandably desperate.
  3. There’s another FTC thread about how to help restaurants survive. I created a wish list of things that might help restaurants survive on that thread. It was a wish list, but a supportive one. Maybe you should go take a look.
  4. No, I don’t have any interest in going to a restaurant that lacks aesthetics in my view. You can go. Not me.
  5. I don’t appreciate your “hypocrite” remark implicitly applied to me. I have issues with some things you’ve said, but I’d never call you a hypocrite.

There are so many factual wrong things in your posts that it is not worth waisting time to discuss as you obviously think that Covid is just a hoax. And yes, hypocrite is a good description - have safe trip to Tulsa tomorrow.

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I just said earlier that “Covid is here for the long term…”. So from that and my many other similar remarks you’ve concluded that I think Covid is a damn hoax? WTF. And your insults just keep coming. I’m far, far from being a freeking Trumpist. Pull back the Tulsa remark. That’s a low blow.

Just to take this one sentence - have you followed how much “common sense” people have regarding mask (which have now more than enough scientific evidence that they are one (of many) critical parts to avoid transmission of Covid. If you still really believe (after all the many examples of “common sense” of people in the last three months) that people would have had common sense in restaurants (especially indoors) and it wouldn’t have been necessary to close them down than you are frightening naive.

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OK, well, if that’s what you think, let’s leave it at this: I’m frightening naïve.

Oh, BTW. I’m sure you have an alternative reality reason that explains why attendance at restaurants was way down (according to you) before the shutdowns. Nothing to do with common sense, of course.

You are repeating way, way too many same arguments I heard when discussing with other Trump supporter

I don’t give a flying “f” what Trump and his henchmen say. I have a mind of my own, and I’ve been reading a LOT about the entire situation, from microbiology to global economics. From that, I’ve formed my OWN independent opinions. If some of them have the sound and color of Trump’s face and hair, then that’s an unfortunate and somewhat humiliating (for me) coincidence. I’m a scientist; an analyst. Scientists disagree. There’s a difference between discourse and a pissing contest, so let’s not engage in the latter.

But yes, OK, I understand where you’re coming from. I’m sorry that it sounds like Trumpism. It’s not.

Here are the four FTC threads:

We can be more fraternal and less adversarial, and in doing so, accomplish more. Speaking for myself, my opinions at any given time (about food, restaurants, covid, politics) are always subject to change if compelling and convincing new information to the contrary presents. I try to keep an open mind. I wish others were more accepting in that way, too. Let’s talk, not yell.

Our local government is starving the soul of the city with heuristic, seat-of-the-pants intuitive ideas and a crumpled piece of paper with data on it.