Thai in East Hollywood tonight

I’ll be in East Hollywood tonight for a show at UCB. We never make it over to this side of town anymore and so I know my husband will want thai food. Fine with me, but I would like to go somewhere that has alcohol (beer and wine only is ok) and a nicer ambience than some of the places I’ve been in the past. We’ll be eating around 8:30pm, but we can’t afford to wait around too long to be seated since we have to be back for the babysitter. We’ll be heading back to the westside, so preferably places that aren’t too much farther east than Sunset and Western. Any recs?


Ruen Pair then head to the bakery across the plaza

Or Hollywood Thai, haven’t eaten there yet so can’t vouch. It’s probably what you are looking for.

Jitlada’s open till 11 and has wine and beer.

Ruen Pair has nicer furnishings but to me the menu’s less interesting.Though they do have dishes you won’t find at your average Americanized Thai resaurant.

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You’re going to UCB Sunset? Jitlada is two blocks down the street so you wouldn’t have to re-park.

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Walking distance sounds good to me. Any recs on what to order at Jitlada. As I recall, they have a really big menu…

Actually, it looks like wait time is really slow at Jitlada. That will give me hives since our time is tight.

Sapp Coffee Shop is my go to Thai…just a short drive for some wonderful noodles :spaghetti: and more…plus really nice people run it.

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Sapp closes early. Their hours are 8am-8pm.

Quick n dirty Thai? Pailin BYO > Ruen Pair/Hollywood Thai every single day.

however, if you truly love your husband, you’d skip dinner, go straight to the show, keep the nanny til midnight and take him to Darabar AFTER the show. call it… pre-father’s day treat.

/sorry, pervert.


Luv2Eat is on sunset farther down and they have a (small) parking lot. I’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes for a table.

No alcohol at Luv2Eat. Sapp closes at 8pm.

Google Maps shows Jitlada less busy than Ruen Pair at 8:30 on Fridays. If it has too long a wait there’s also Pa Ord between UCB Sunset and Jitlada.

I went there once. Had the larb, Unpleasantly funky. Friend had some crispy pork thing, and it was dry dry dry… we never went back.

Oh well. Ruen Pair’s also nearby.

If you can pass on the alcohol, Luv2Eat is great and will likely have little or no wait.

Second Pailin (and Darabar). Ruen Pair does the basics good (like noodle dishes), but I concur with robert, it’s sort of like basics + a few other items.

Third Pailin and Darabar (but only if you’re going to do Darabar the right way – Buy a bottle of Johnny Walker, finish half of it, check the remainder into their locker system under a hilarious false name, return a month later to finish the bottle with your friends asking “why the f do you have a bottle of whiskey held for you under an assumed name at a random spot in Thaitown…”)


Always wanted to do a Darabar and Hollywood Thai Bang Bang than happy nap in the Lyft

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fuck does quick n dirty mean? Pailin has the best thai in LA for me so that’s a weird descriptor to read.

what do you like at Pailin? i know the khao soi is popular there.

khao soi is fine but that’s just how you start your visits to Pailin.