Thai Town Check-In - YouTube series

As America’s first and only Thai Town — often featured in food television and local press — most of the exposure has been given to places like Jitlada, Pa Ord, and Sapp Coffee Shop. But a new YouTube series called Thai Town Check-In , which premiered in spring 2021, shows the neighborhood’s comparatively unsung restaurants in short-form video. It’s a chance for Angelenos to see Thai Town restaurants like never before, hearing from the owners themselves about their best dishes and the struggles they’ve endured in the past two years.


Fun series. Interesting getting some behind-the-scenes comments from places that have gotten little or no media attention. I wonder it they have more in the works?

Anyone tried Mesa Thai (ep. 39)?


I am loving this series there are definitely some restaurants that I need to visit that I overlook. Shame on me. I love this neighborhood and I miss it. It’s one of my favorite neighborhoods to eat. Crazy how we got Thai Town, and Koreatown right next to each other. What other part of the world you can get Thai and Korean like that?

I like the owners mentioning their specialities instead of trying to figure it out or studying the menu.

Wat Dong Moon Lek might have the coolest decor in all of LA. I gotta try those beef noodles.

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Definitely. I really love Rodded, kinda forgot about them during the pandemic, and glad they’re getting some shine.

Kao moo pad kaprow is just a spectacular dish. Love it at Yai and Ruen as well.

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One of the Rodded family members made the strangest comment, something like “we don’t depend on a lot of sales so the pandemic didn’t cause too much trouble.”

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I saw that. Of a piece in a way. They close at 8:00pm. Cash only. They definitely do their own thing.

Oh yeah that is a great dish a hybrid of khao ka moo and pad krapow. Very tasty! I forgot about that dish it’s been years.

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