The Best of YouTube

I need more content to binge. What ya’ll got?

Today’s contribution: evidently Tucson carne asada scene is :fire::fire::fire:

Y’all not YA’ll.

I don’t think I’ve ever watched a cooking YouTube.


Thanks for the amazing contribution to this thread


My pleasure.

For general cookery, Chef John (from!) is a favorite, and I like Binging/Basics w/ Babish. Adam Ragusea alternates between recipes and info-dives on various topics (I.e. a demo on tree syrup making or how to plant and grow tomatoes). He also does a weekly podcast where he often answers food/health questions by citing and summarizing actual relevant scientific literature in the subject.

For more specific content: Palin’s Thai Kitchen, Adam Liaw, Chinese Food Demystified, and of course J Kenji Lopez-Alt.

I also had a great time binging through several seasons of Worth It (where a couplemofnguys go around and try low/med/high priced versions of a dish to see which has the best QPR. LOTS of LA-centric content (though they travel to other places frequently.)

I watched Food Geek for a while and got a lot of great sourdough tips and techniques from it.

Claire Saffitz left the BA test kitchen after the whole race kerfuffle and is demoing the recipes from her book, Dessert Person.

Sohla El-Waylly does historic recipe recreation and is super fun to watch.

Carla Lalli-Music does great home style recipes.

My only excuse for all this is I was out of work for a while…


Wow thanks for this. I have not seen any of these come across my feed.

Babish is definitely a one of my go-tos. Best Ever Food Review Show is fun and seems to parallel Mark Wiens (from your original post) at times. America’s Test Kitchen also has a channel.

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I generally like ATK. What’s Eating Dan? is a fun little series that pokes at the history/uses/features of one particular ingredient (Bananas! Coffee!) and has a couple of recipes. Their recipes usually have good technique hints, but I consider more as bases on which to try variations, rather than THE definitive version of some dish or other. But they do manage to make decent versions of some things without ever getting TOO wild in the ingredient/equipment requirements. It’s very VERY focused, demographically, on a certain kind of middle-class aspirational viewer. Broadening the media I consumed really drove that point home.


Food Wishes is another one that I check in on from time to time. Sam the Cooking Guy is another fun one.

The guys who ran Worth It started a new channel called About to Eat. Some of their fun content is how to approach cooking an ingredient in massive quantities (i.e., I bought 20 pounds of cabbage and this is the different dishes I cooked with it)

Otherwise, here are some of the other channels I’m into

Chef’s Labo - Japan based cook with english subtitles to make a lot of homestyle japanese food

Alex French Guy Cooking - Paris based youtuber who is maybe less about recipes, and more about documenting his journey of discovery and research for how to arrive at a “platonic ideal” of a dish. You can tell he clearly puts a lot of effort into documenting the process. Not for people who want to see a self-contained 10 minute recipe video

Goldthread - China-focused food anthropology channel. Highly informative with not necessarily recipes, but exposés into the history of popular chinese food (and even unknown ones)

Papadesuyo - Japan based food youtuber. I like this guy because he will basically try to recreate B-class gourmet foods that are innovative or trendy in Japanese diners. Basically, if I see some delicious food that a Japanese influencer will post on instagram without an english translation, this guy will probably try to remake it. – like this Mapo Oyster dish


They made a joke referencing this woman on the Great British Bake-Off. I’d never heard of her, I guess she was sort of the British Julia Child, though her bio reads more like the Galloping Gourmet. Anway, pretty darn campy.

If you like Chef’s Labo check out Chef Johhiro. In Japanese but you can translate plus the videos are easy to follow. French trained Michelin ** chef. Recipes are geared towards home cooks. If you like them he has a separate web page with recipes posted under the videos