The Flour Tortilla Has Ascended

“She rehearses her lines one last time. “Remember, we are doing a carne asada at my mother’s house,” she tells me before lowering the radio, rolling down the window, and handing over our passports.”

I seem to recall that Sergio - or one of his relatives - regularly brought in fish/seafood from Mexico.

Are other local chefs/cooks/food purveyors doing this, too?


great read! wow, she goes through so much to get that flour.

and yeah, that is the stupidest supply chain ever!


Javier is just killing it—great article. I had my mom bring back dried Cao lau noodles from Hoi An, for personal use of course.


Had to make some Sonoran flour tortillas after reading this. Home rendered lard, flour, salt, water.

Honestly love flour tortillas more than corn. Showing off how thin it is :grinning:


nice! what flour did you end up using?

Normally just use all ap—mexican el rosal or San antonio brand. El ruso uses the former. You can find these brands in the mexican markets. this time I mixed half cake and and half ap and as expected, it was super tender but didn’t have much stretchiness or chew. Still great though.