The Infatuation: "The 18 Best Pizza Places In America 2023"

I’m looking forward to trying Pequod’s in December.

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Look forward to a review from one of our own peeps.

A couple of years ago they had a write-up about Seattle dumpling places. They raved about one where we had eaten. They thought it was great. It was AWFUL. The dumpling skins were thick, some calamari was like tasteless rubber. No tea offered. Ate off paper and plastic. No return to ask how things were. There went their credibility for me. When I see write ups of theirs I just move right over it.
PS: A server in a place across the street thought they were a money laundering operation :slight_smile:


I think local is different and usually less qualified people than national.

I’ll check with someone who’s a bit involved with restaurant opinions and write-ups. And it IS Seattle, probably one of the better food places in the country?

Local = lower ad revenues = lower budget = usually lower quality.