The Prince - Koreatown

Starting a new topic as this place deserves more attention. Spicy wings are excellent. They throw a few garaetteok. Kimchi was solid. Cabbage salad was better when mixed up with the

Some eccentric things:

  • You have to order kimchi separately.
  • Because I ordered kimchi, they dropped the usual radishes, so I guess you have to be specific that you want both.
  • Soju and pitchers are available only at tables (I guess to promote the cocktail menu at the bar).
  • They have only tiny bar napkins. Bring some alcohol wipes.

Went back with friends Saturday night, got a booth, and consumed mass quantities of Hite and Chamisul Classic.

Roast dried filefish filets (jwipo / fish jerky) were great with soju. Highly recommended.

The other things we got were fine but wouldn’t order again. Galbi was a very small portion. Bibim mandu were missing the promised spicy sauce. Chapchae was missing the meat.

Had a great time hanging out and drinking anyway. It would be nice to know a few more solid dishes.


You missed the star of the show at Prince. Kimchi fried rice.

Other than ambiance, I think OB Bear is pretty much better at everything than Prince.


Agreed, if it weren’t for the ambiance, there’s be no reason to go to The Prince with OB a few blocks away. Though the Hite and Jinro are the same.

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As far as food goes The Prince isn’t at the top, but it’s still one of my favorite places in Koreatown for its unique charm. For me the fried chicken is pricey but always a must-order, and the fried squid is great for soaking up any booze you enjoy with your meal.

Fryer oil there is usually pretty gnarly but if they still have the half-price food happy hour it’s easy enough to overlook.

Plus one that OB Bear does everything on their menu better. Something to be said for the decor though.

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Deep Fried Chicken (tong-dak) is better at The Prince, everything else is better at OB Bear. That half off alcohol happy hour at Prince though…

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Oh, wait, that’s Musso & Frank’s, isn’t it?

Yea they just talked about doing this on Maron’s podcast

  • correction. Leo talked about hanging out at Musso with Pacino for 5 hours but wasn’t this shoot

That’s El Coyote or Casa Vega. They shot in Musso too, but that not it.

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