The Sale Thread

Wow, that’s a hell of a delivery. $400 gift card for ordering $2,500 worth of stuff from Costco right now too.

Just a brief off-topic… Do people love their Le Creuset? We have the doufeu, and I don’t love it (or even particularly like it). But maybe this is the wrong piece by which to judge Le Creuset…


Yeah, that is a clumsy ackward size piece. I LOVE my LC. I have many many pieces. I prefer LC to Staub… but not every LC product is awesome or even good for that matter. It depends on what you already have, what you like to cook and ultimately the storage space.


I’ve been getting into Staub myself!

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There is a Henckles Outlet at the Citadel that has Staub at Outlet prices…. Just sayin’


I want to love them more but our lodge pans still get a lot of use. I don’t need to be as dainty with them which works better for the stuff I am cooking.

I like the various pots a lot though.


The little staub rice pot originally made for the Japanese market is pretty great! I bought it on but I think it’s more widely available now


Yes! LC has a version as well with a nifty steamer insert.

My Main issue with the Staub is that it has a black interior so it’s harder to see the searing and how the fond looks. I have a Staub wide when LC stopped making them and it works awesome for things like stuffed peppers (a favorite in our house) and super saucey braises.

I do love mine, but as I get older, they are a bit heavy to pick up. you can lift weights with these suckas!


3-Day Buy One Get One Free Event at Gelson’s!

Don’t miss this exciting limited-time offer! * The sale begins Friday, November 17-Sunday, November 19. Find deals on specially marked items such as:

  • Gelson’s Pasta Sauce | BOGO (Save $9.99 on two)
  • Brianna’s Dressing | BOGO (Save $4.99 on two)
  • Maria Artichoke Hearts | BOGO (Save $4.99 on two)
  • Mrs. Cubbinson’s Croutons | BOGO (Save $3.99 on two)
  • Libby Pumpkin | BOGO (Save $4.99 on two)
  • Planter’s Dry Roasted Peanuts 16 oz | BOGO (Save $5.99 on two)
  • Thai Kitchen Organic Coconut Milk | BOGO (Save $6.99 on two)
  • Albers Yellow Corn Meal | BOGO (Save $5.99 on two)
  • Ghirardelli Baking Bar 4 oz | BOGO (Save $4.99 on two)
  • Reynolds Aluminum Foil 37.5 ft| BOGO (Save $6.99 on two)
  • Wolfgang Puck Caesar Salad 11 oz | BOGO (Save $9.99 on two)
  • True Story® Uncured Bacon| BOGO (Save $14.99 on two)
  • Fresh Blackberries | BOGO (Save $6.99 on two)
  • Crest Toothpaste 5.7 oz | BOGO (Save $3.99 on two)
  • Columbus-Salame Italian Dry Shingle 4 oz. | BOGO (Save $6.99 on two)
  • Chobani Zero Sugar Drinkable Yogurt 7 oz. | BOGO (Save $2.00 on two)
  • Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water 6-pack| BOGO (Save $2.69 on two)
  • Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water 1.5 lt | BOGO (Save $1.50 on two)
  • LaCroix Sparkling Water 12 oz. | BOGO (Save $3.99 on two)

I feel like geldings bogo is just regular priced groceries lol



Never had that felt truer than when I visited 99 Ranch Westwood yesterday!

Unrelated: not exactly a “sale,” per se, but I did see Staub dutch ovens at Marshall’s in West LA (Sawtelle/Olympic) for $160. They seemed decently sizeable (I’d say 5 qt?).


Is that by the Michael’s? Don’t think I’ve ever been to that place

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Yup, on the first floor of the same plaza. The parking there is a mess. When you enter, the cookware is straight ahead near the back wall. You’ll see a ton of dutch ovens on display; the Staub stuff (and there were only like 2 Staub dutch ovens) are on the shelf BEHIND that display.

Are Staub dutch ovens unusually tall? These dutch ovens I saw seemed like a “normal” width but were quite tall (vs. my doufeu, which seems more wide than tall).

I like the Marshall’s better than, say, Ross because you can sometimes find some expensive brands (which I assume might be better quality than the other stuff, but who knows?) like All-Clad.

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I don’t see that deal. Just the stupid wrap promo. :disappointed:

It says it’s digital? Does that mean you have to have the app? Or go online and see if it’s only online.

Digital always means the app or online, either way. It just means they won’t honor the deal if you pull up to the drive-thru window and place an order.

@Luluthemagnificent Where is that image from that you posted? Is that from the app?

no, the kfc website.

when you see 2 wraps for $5, let it scroll to the second ad 10 pieces for $5 nuggets. click that order now (red button) and that $10 offer comes up. Let me know if it works.

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