There is no board for coffee, so: Peet's buys Intelligentsia (and Stumptown)

From Eater: Peet’s Coffee & Tea Buys Intelligentsia Coffee

This is on the heels of Peet’s Coffee & Tea Is Acquiring Stumptown Coffee Roasters [Updated]

So, the Germans are taking over our “craft coffee” industry. So far, most people don’t seem to know who has been controlling the purse strings at our “hometown Peet’s.”

I think it is the same people who control Trader Joe’s, meaning the German’s.

Different rich German families, two unrelated holding companies.

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Agreed, but I suspect that’s because most people haven’t discerned any significant changes at Peet’s, and so it’s one of those things that you sort of remember hearing . . . and then promptly forgot about, because your latte was still the same, and so were the croissants.

I stopped buying Peet’s years ago, but . . . .