'They don’t even know this law exists': A new alcohol rule hangs over state

Assembly Bill 1221, or the Responsible Beverage Service Training Act, will require bartenders, waitstaff and their managers at establishments licensed to serve alcohol to undergo a three- to four-hour training on how alcohol affects the body, the consequences of over-serving, basic laws regulating alcohol and intervention techniques for dealing with inebriated customers. Workers must then pass a two-hour open-book exam.

The law defines an “alcohol server” as anyone responsible for checking identifications, taking customer orders and pouring or delivering alcoholic beverages.

The model works like this: Workers must first register with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Department and pay a $3 fee to receive a nine-digit ID for use in training and testing. Then restaurants — or the workers themselves — must pay a third-party company for online or in-person training. After completing the training, workers have 30 days and three attempts to pass the exam with a 70% or betterscore — otherwise they must restart the process.

Back in my bartending days, I had to get a STAR Certification. Like all of these things it was long, boring, basic, and cost my bosses money. I learned about two useful things in the hours that we were trapped in an ArcLight theatre, and I don’t think there was a test after the fact. This is a huge bummer.

(One of the useful things I learned was that the Entrapment Teens they send out have to look super super young. I think I actually carded fewer people after the training.)


Yeah I remember doing star

:joy: A server once asked this guy if he was over 21. He sarcastically said No. So the server asked to see his ID. He goes Oh I don’t have it on me then got all huffy and puffy when we wouldn’t serve him



I’m so sick of stupid overburdensome laws like this. How alcohol affects the body? It’s not enough that they know and they PROVE they know the regulations?

Maybe the politicians should have to take a course and see what lying and being generally self-serving douche bags does to the body.


Three blind mice .

Compliance isn’t at all onerous. If it stops a few alcohol-related deaths, seems worth it to me. It"s not much different from existing food handling certification for kitchen staff.