Vinegar: Trails to Oishii Tokyo (featuring Sushi Kimura and Iio Jozo vinegar)

A fantastic documentary (wonderfully shot on top of that) covering Sushi Kimura (2 Michelin star in Tokyo) and a producer of some of the best artisanal vinegars the world has ever seen (Iio Jozo in Kyoto region) where they grow the rice to produce rice vinegar, brew the sake as a starting point, ferment the sake with acetic acid bacteria to make vinegar, store/age and bottle the vinegar, all inclusive. Respect!

As a side note: many top sushi restaurants in Japan are using their vinegar besides Kimura san. For the premium pure rice vinegar (Junmai Komesu) it takes at least double the amount of rice as regular rice vinegars to make theirs. Sushi Yoshizumi (San Mateo) also uses their vinegar for his top notch shari.


I’ve been looking for that stuff for a while. Saw a bottle last time I was in LA, but I wasn’t checking luggage on the flight home.

Umami Mart sells the pure rice vinegar.

I’m waiting for an email from them letting me know they’ve got it back in stock.

Izakaya Rintaro sells the non premium version of the pure rice vinegar (on the shelf by the cashier).

Back in stock at Umami Mart.