Wadatsumi Reborn - From West LA to Torrance, from Wagyu Specialist to Kushiage (Fried Skewers) and Sashimi Specialist?! (Review / Pics)



@Chowseeker1999, was WOW!ing all the way through this post - WOW!


Was hoping you’d review them. Thanks! Glad to hear they’re mostly good. Can’t wait to go one of these days.

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Hi @bulavinaka,

Thanks! :slight_smile: You might give it a try instead of Sanuki no Sato one of these days, and it’s just a few steps away from Mitsuwa to make an afternoon out of it. :wink:


Wonderful review. Interesting about the Wagyu being partially overcooked. I don’t know much about steak, and, in retrospect, I think it was likely overcooked on my first visit (I remember thinking, “What’s the big deal w/ this meat?”). It was considerably less cooked on the 2nd (and was there a 3rd?) visit, and actually quite good.

I kept thinking as I read your review, “I hope the new WLA concept is like this!” And then I realized it’d be like 2x the price… ::sigh::

Have you tried Kaido in SaMo? I found their tempura to be surprisingly good. I’m not saying it’s anywhere near I-Naba quality (I had I-Naba many yrs ago and can’t really remember exactly how it tastes), but it’s very solid for a neighborhood joint.

BTW, finally made it out to Kagura on the way back from Catalina 2 wks ago. The crust on the pork is truly unbelieveable. :smiley:


Thanks @thechez5. Looking forward to your thoughts. :slight_smile:

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Hi @paranoidgarliclover,

Thanks. :slight_smile: Yah, the prices would be double perhaps if this was in West L.A. :frowning:

Kaido: No, but I remember you had recommended them in a post a while back I think? We’ll give it a try soon, thank you. :slight_smile:

Inaba: Definitely give it another visit if you get a chance. Sit at the Tempura Bar and have fun and enjoy the great Tempura offerings (and Soba!). (And make a day out of it enjoying the amazing Black Sesame Japanese Cream Puffs from Patisserie Chantilly! :grin:).

Kagura: Nice! So glad you liked it. Wonderful place. Which Pork Cutlet did you get?

A+ review, thank you

Great write-up, @Chowseeker1999!

I went on Fri 4/21.

A couple more things to mention:

  1. Did you see the sake cart? They have a $15 sampler where you get to choose 3 sake from a roving cart. As cute as they are, I am not a fan of their mini masu.

(Sorry, no pics)

  1. This.

Hi @Starchtrade,

Thanks for your thoughts. Yah the Sake Sampler was being offered on our 2nd visit, but on our 3rd visit it was no longer on the menu.

Nice pic. :slight_smile: What was that? Thanks.

Loin. A touch overcooked. Hadn’t read your review while ordering, otherwise I would’ve gotten the layered one! (or the fillet, since I love pork fat)

But the care and thoughtfulness of presentation and service (plus, again, that crust!) outweighed any flaws, IMHO.

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Hi @paranoidgarliclover,

Their Pork Loin Tonkatsu is still good. :slight_smile: But yah, next time try their Millefeuille version or the Fillet. Glad you liked it.

Wish I’d read this earlier! Was in Torrance today and stopped by Inaba but it was closed! Ended up at an okay BBQ. Bummer knowing I missed going here!

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Many Japanese businesses traditionally take Mondays off. It sucks cuz if I can get away from work, it’s usually on Mondays.


I tried to get my usual takeout from there today, and it was closed. So disappointed.

They’re usually open on Monday, just not today. :disappointed:

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In my best “Valley Girl” voice:

“That’s like, soo not like them…”


I haven’t tasted the Masumi Arabashiri. That is also a seasonal spring release Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu (undiluted and unpasteurized). Arabashiri refers to the free run first pass of the sake making process. This website will explain it far better than I can.

Nothing like a good chilled nama for this type of weather. But it would also be fun to let it come down towards room temperature to see how it tastes and smells.

For those interested in buying some to enjoy at home (or elsewhere) K&L Hollywood has a limited amount for $34.99, likely located in the refrigerators to the left rear section. So bring something to keep it chilled in transit.

Grilled salty fish with sake…that is such a classic pairing.

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Is karasumi (dried mullet roe) best enjoyed with beer or sake, in your opinion?

The grilled fish/sake pairing may be so classic that I could imagine it going back towards the Edo period (and possibly before, though it is said the Edo period was when izakaya establishments really started taking off).

For karasumi (and much like all the other classic and tasty savory otsumami out there), I’d definitely prefer them with a good sake and appreciate how the sake taste changes with the food, and of course with slices of daikon. Beer on the other hand can operate as a fantastic starter to set your mood (and dining companions you are with) for the evening, before you dive into sake or sake pairings with nibbles/otsumami/small plates, whether it be at an izakaya or a high end omakase restaurant.


This Taiwanese author thinks wuyuzi pairs great with whiskey

I’m sure there are notable differences between cured Taiwanese mullet roe vs its JP counterpart.

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