Weekend in Rosarito?

I’m taking a quick weekend from LA down to Rosarito with my significant eater. Both of us are vax’d and boosted, and we will be staying in a private home.

Does anyone have any dining favorites? Any meal is good. We will be inside and outside, and have our own car.


We ate well at El Nido some years back.

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I think we liked lunch so much that we went back for breakfast.

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Popotla is not far, just past Puerto Nuevo.

Or Tacos El Yaqui (only if the line is not too long for me)


Tacos el yaqui is amazing def go if mine isn’t too long.

Carnitas la flor de michoacan, great carnitas and breakfast foods huevos rancheros etc.

Carnitas La Flor de Michoacan #2
Blvd. Benito Juárez 306, Zona Centro, 22710 Rosarito, B.C., Mexico
+52 661 612 0433

Birria el cunado, favorite birria spot in the area. They only do birria/queso tacos with birria.

Birrieria El Cuñado
México 1 742, Villas de Rosarito, 22713 Rosarito, B.C., Mexico

In front of the 7/11 south of birria cunado a woman sells burros in the morning they are fucking awesome.

Titos mariscos, great mariscos shack. Known for fried fish tacos the size of your fist.

Tito’s Mariscos, Playas de Rosarito
Calle José Haros Aguilar, Parcela 39, 22710 Rosarito, B.C., Mexico
+52 661 120 0657

Are just staying around rosarito or driving further down to Ensenada etc?


Likely Rosarito only but it’s all by ear.

Thank you very much!

Also Ollie’s pizza a little further south but great dinner place for pizza and wine. Everyone staying at club marena and gaviotas goes there.

If you’re looking for a more elevated food experience would recommend the valle or Ensenada. Could drive down for the day to eat and wine taste


Thank you all for your notes! However I stayed in San Antonio del Mar, which is north of Rosarito. We got into town once but I couldn’t muster support for a food driven driving tour. We ate where convienent to park and small lines, and went on our way.


Did you go anywhere of note? I rarely stop south of Tijuana until rosarito. Would love to try a place If there’s anything good

I’ve eaten here and enjoyed it - however they were closed for some kind of construction project. Moderately priced, table service and there are ocean view tables on a patio for maximum dolphin sighting potential.

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This place is amazing! One of my buddies took me here and we bought a ton of seafood. $10 buckets of oysters, clams, and mussels that were so fantastic. We steamed the clams and mussels in beer and garlic, so tender and sweet. 10 kg yellow fin tuna for $90, we fabricated and ate it raw, incredible! Grilled shrimp and halibut tacos, so fresh, so flavorful.

Highly recommend!



Agree, great place! We also got some churros from someone on the beach that are still legend in my family. Glad you enjoyed it!

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Because @hungryhungryhippos mentioned above:

Mariscos Tito

La Flor de Michoacán


Some more Rosarito options

Roble de raiz de La mesa

Mariscos los cabos

Birrieria Guadalajara


Love flor and Mariscos Tito. Love the massive fish tacos and don’t sleep on breakfast at flor.

Roble de raíz a la mesa: great place for breakfast/brunch

Mariscos El Caiman (good ceviches, aguachiles and cocktails):

Birrieria El Cuñado (good birria but personally like Guadalajara restaurant better).

Some delicious suadero pizza from an otherwise forgettable winery in Valle: