Weekend trip to SF - Help?

Hey guys,

There are four of us going to SF from the 30th to April 2nd. Thursday and the first half of Friday will be taken up by a detour to Hearst Castle, among others - any recommendations around the area for dinner/breakfast?

Friday evening - mid-Sunday will be in SF. We want to hit Tartine on Saturday or Sunday morning (unless there’s a better all-purpose bakery with a shorter line). For the most part we’re on a budget so I’m looking for food recs under $30/head (with one exception, detailed later). Some of us want to hit up some Dim Sum, despite my impression that it’s pretty much impossible to beat the SGV - still, suggestions appreciated.

Apart from those, we’re looking for Friday dinner, the second breakfast, and Sunday Dinner.

Saturday dinner two of us want to hit up some SF fine-dining, if it’s even possible to get reservations this late. For this one I’m willing to drive pretty far out of the way. Ideally all suggestions should be for things that are difficult to get in Los Angeles :slight_smile: EDIT: Managed to snag a reservation at Saison for 5:30 on Saturday. I’d been checking intermittently but it had been all booked up. Hooray!


Dragon beaux, beats SGV.

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burma superstar
happy hour at bar crudo


This is excellent information about Bar Crudo, thank you.

Friday or Sunday dinner consider Uma Casa (for Portuguese) or Bellota (for Spanish), both of which are hard to come by in LA. Not impossible, but just hard.

For a second breakfast option, consider Neighbor Bakehouse or aina or Surisan.

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Great recommendations, thanks! Dragon Beaux is definitely on our list now - maybe Bellota too, good Spanish is hard to find outside of OC.

You’re going to have a hard time getting out of bellota for under 30pp, unless you’re okay with eating two tapas each and leaving hungry.

Can one really get out of Dragon Beaux for under 30/pp? Our bill for 4 was close to about 45/pp for dim sum, although truth be told we had several abalone dishes as well as a few other select seafood items.

That was a pretty rough guideline - as long as the meal doesn’t edge into $100/head territory, we can probably make it work.

As for Bellota - how big are the paellas? The menu says 2-4 people, which I’ve found to be a very inconsistent measurement.

It’s possible, checking the video tape this meal was $66 for two after tax and tip

Big enough to fit a large dungeness crab.