Westwood Village lunch options?

After a disastrous attempt at Barbacoa Mexican Grill (incompetent service and measly teaspoon of meat in the tacos!), need to enlist some help. What are dining options (walking distance) around Westwood Village?


Depends on price point. On a nice day like today, hard to beat lunch by the pool at the W Hotel. Palamino does a very good mushroom salad. Napa Valley Grill has some nice lunch salads too. On the less expensive side there is Panini Cafe or Lamonica’s Pizza and one of the better Whole Foods Markets with lots of lunch choices,

Thanks, looking for some daily dining options. Will be in the area for a bit during weekdays. Lunch today was Mexican fruit cart after storming out of Barbacoa in disgust.

Sunnin? The Persian places?

They are out of the Village south of Wilshire on Westwood.

The pizza at Lamonica’s is very good. 800 Degrees sucks and should be avoided. As mentioned before, lots of choices at Whole Foods. Also an I & Out that is always jammed and a Chinese place next to Panini Grill that has reasonable lunch specials. Really nice this week to grab a bite pool side at W though.

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Will need to plan ahead and bring my trunks with me :grin:

Musashiya has excellent udon. Everything else I have tried (tempura, kara age) has been poor.

Many folks on the old board praised TLT (the brick and mortar operation of the lime truck). I found it OK in a “greasy gourmet” way. Only one visit - never felt like a return, which is not a great sign.

Just out of the Village is Ramen Yamada-ya which has both excellent ramen as well as kara-age.

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Emporium Thai is also good if we want to sojourn a bit south. Several middle eastern choices south as well.

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I enjoy TLT. The brussels sprouts are tops.

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Bella Pita on Gayley has always had great falafel and toppings, in my book. Seating is only 2-4 stools, though, so that’s lousy.

I’m a fan of Mr. Noodle on Broxton, although it’s not fancy at all. I mean, would it stand as the best place to eat in LA? No, but I find it’s pretty good for Westwood. Good curries, fried rice, decent quality for the price (in Westwood).

I also like some things (cemitas, quesadilla) from the Mexican food truck that’s usually parked on the north side of Le Conte, just east of Westwood Blvd. I don’t like their burrito (don’t remember why anymore… it’s been too long).

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Fresh Corn Grill is also an option if you venture a little south of Wilshire on Westwood.

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+1 on TLT. Love the brussel sprouts and the quesdilla and multiple tacos. We get delivery every few wks.

Ammo at the Hammer?

Bibigo was decent the one time I went. Sepi’s does a surprisingly decent Cobb salad.

If Fundamental isn’t too far, that might make a nice option.


+1 for Bella Pita. Ambience is nonexistent but the wowshis are solid.

Depending on where you work, Attari might be walking distance. 3 blocks south of Wilshire. Decent sandwiches.

+2 on TLT. Brussels sprouts as mentioned are quite good!!

Ike’s for a sandwich is always a good option for this meat-eater.

Attari sandwich shop (Persian) is on the other side of Wilshire – about a 5-10 minute walk.

Where’s the love for The Boiling Crab?? If you don’t feel like getting shoulder deep in “Whole Sha-Bang” sauced shrimp the fried catfish isn’t half bad!!

Diddy Riese for an ice cream sandwich should finish every meal unless you feel like making it your meal.


Don’t forget the pure beauty of a Stan’s Peanut Butter Donut…


Ike’s Sandwiches
Native Foods
BBQ Chicken (it’s actually fried chicken)
Top Leaf
Garlo’s Aussie Pies
Veggie Grill
Fundamental (not technically in the Village but just south of Wilshire)
Fresh Corn Grill (also just south of Wilshire)


Ike’s is also paradise for vegetarians and vegans. They have an extensive veggie menu, and any sandwich on the regular menu can be ordered with either veggie turkey or veggie fried chicken substituted for meat.

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My 2 cents:

North of Wilshire:

The Backyard at W Hotel
Garlo’s Aussie Pies
Lamonica’s Pizza
Boiling Crab

South of Wilshire:

Fundamental LA
Attari - Saffron Rose Ice Cream (bang bang)
Emporium Thai
Fresh Corn Grill
Tacos Tu Madre
Zuma Kitchen
Wally’s Cheesebox


Boiling Crab. Messy but good.

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