What are your favorite/least favorite cooking shows?

They seem to be the same culinary personalities all the time. Once in a while, they add a new face to the TV line-up. Which show is giving you the best cooking advice? Who are the cooks on cable that turn you on, or turn you off?

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Does YouTube count? I watch Kenji’s cooking show.


The Cooks Illustrated shows (America’s Test Kitchen and Cooks Country) always go to the top of the list for me.


Good Eats, #1 with a bullet. His new series hasn’t shown up yet on any of the streaming services I have.

Jacques Pepin. Molto Mario.

Nothing I’ve checked out in recent years held my interest.

Don’t know how far these shows travel, but we are fans of Ina Garten out of East Hampton, L.I. & Milk Street out of Boston. As far as culinary series: we loved Stanley Tucci’s ‘Searching for Italy’, and Chef/restaurateur Vivian Howard’s ‘A Chef’s Life’, out of North Carolina. Can’t wait for Tucci’s second season to begin…

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I’m not into any cooking shows on cable. I like the YouTube channels of certain cooking personalities, though. Kenji López-Alt, Carla Lalli Music, Chinese Cooking Demystified, Maangchi, and Just One Cookbook are some of them.
The NYT Cooking channel has very good videos but they rarely have any new ones these days.
I also enjoy videos on the Food52 YouTube channel, especially anything from Sohla El-Waylly, Rick Martinez, and Kristen Miglore.
Apple TV has the America’s Test Kitchen app so I do watch ATK and Cook’s Country episodes every so often.


I forgot about Country Life Vlog.

There are a lot of topics here about food-porn shows.

I didn’t know he had one. I’ll check for it. Thanks.

He got me into cooking more than probably anything…but CH. But he’s earned my eternal condemnation.

I’m more of a cookbook person, so I’m not a huge fan of most youtube shows… but I do really enjoy the What’s Eating Dan series as it usually attaches to a ATK recipe.

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Also savoring Maine Chef/Restaurateur Erin French & The Lost Kitchen series on Magnolia Network. Her story is almost magical…

Tasty news! After some delay, Stanley Tucci’s series ‘Searching for Italy’, season 2, begins airing May 1st. on CNN…

Not much cooking in that show.

It’s not a learning to cook type of show, but culturally appetizing and appealing. I should have mentioned in my headline: ‘favorite cooking shows or food-related series’.

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A lot of this category’s topics are devoted to food-porn and food-travel shows.

Bourdain, right? I’m about ready to start re-watching him :slight_smile:

In case you missed it: Tucci’s ‘Searching for Italy’ season 2 premiers Sunday, May 1st. on CNN…

The first episode was a flavorful romp thru Venice and vicinity. Nothing you would see on the usual travelogues…


Probably not really a food show but we’ve been enjoying “Julia” on HBO max.