What Food Does Your Area Need?

Play along please. I will start. I am in Mid-City.

We have good pizza - Delicious, Joe’s and Prime (on Fairfax, but close enough)
We have good tacos - El Chato, Leo’s, Sky’s, Teddys. Tamix, Los Anaya
Soul food ok - My2cents and Stevies.
Fried Chicken - Popeyes, Louisiana fried chicken, Gus’s.
Sandwiches ok with Jersey Mikes, the Philly place on Pico & Mendocino farms. Though we could use a bomb sandwich place like Wax-Paper.
I think we need Burgers and Mexican American food.
Five Guys is ok, but too expensive and burger gets soggy fast, fries too. Irv’s is now open, it’s a start, nothing amazing. Fatburger is good. Wasn’t impressed with Johnny’s on Adams. Would LOVE an In-n-out. Mo Betta Burgers closed.
Would love a gringo taco place or a El Abajeno kinda place. El Cholo sometimes fits the bill. But not really. Mid-city people thoughts?

What about your area?


There’s an in n out on the mid city/palms/culver border off venice

I know. I want one in that empty spot behind Olive Garden. :slight_smile:


Pasadena - good western food


South Bay

The Good-Japanese, Japanese-French bakeries, Japanese-Italian, Hawaiian, casual Mediterranean, multiple In N Outs, plenty of hood burger spots/so cal diners, Korean obviously not as good as Ktown but not bad, Mexican street food at Wilmington Night Market, Peruvian.

Could be better….pizza, Chinese, Italian, sandwiches, teriyaki…Rascals is pretty bad imo

A super Northgate like the one in Anaheim and La Habra. I am happy with all the other markets and Torrance farmers market.

I say this in the least condescending way but does it though? I can’t really think of anything that is destination worthy there? Maybe before the pizza revolution luggage room pizza?

Pitburger has great chicken teriyaki!


Agreed on sandwiches, Potato Chips Deli is an ok option.
For burgers, there’s HiHo.
Think Mid-City needs a good kabob spot, but haven’t tried Ta-eem.
Thing is, we’re so central that we’re within close driving distance to a lot of good/better options.

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Mt Shasta. Its wide open. Very close to hwy 5 .
Gorgeous mountain community with a view of the mountain.


I am definitely a fan of Pitburger!

I think caviarfu is trying to say it needs good western food. I think it is pretty boring AF and mostly forgettable. I do like the walkability of old town.

I don’t see the point in eating in Pasadena tbh (if you don’t live in the area) unless I want to something to eat nearby post Playhouse. Even then I rather drive south to a late night HK cafe lol or get tacos.


you just answered what I said.

The prompt is “what food does your area need”

Since food in Pasadena is BOOTIE.


Ah my apologies I don’t read good


North OC (within 15-20 min drive)

The Good
Chinese - diamond bar, chino hills, industry
Korean - Fullerton and Buena Park
Mexican - great options for tacos, burritos and carnicerias. Amazing Northgate market in La Habra
Middle Eastern - Anaheim has pretty much everything you can ask for.

The Bad
Pizza - please help us. Fuoco and Tonys Little Italy are great but we need a good NY style
Bakery/Brunch - need a Republique, Gjusta type of joint.
Smashburgers - I cab make them at home but would be nice to have a good option out here.
Sushi - some good places but nothing that would be in the same class as LA/NY. Not expecting a high end omakase but need some good neighborhood places.
Thai - been all downhill since Ruen Pair closed.


Reminds me of the classic old Chowhound thread titled “Pasadena is weak!”


Mid City needs Chinese food, good Vietnamese spot and good Japanese (casual or izekaya type place) and also decent a la carte sushi, I can’t eat Omakase all the time.
Also a brewery with good food cuz All Seasons brewery taco place is basura

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South Bay needs more actually good American/new American restaurants not what is considered good in the burbs. Echoing what jeet said along with Vietnamese, Thai, a 99 ranch that is not all the way in harbor gateway, ice cream, and good Mediterranean

Yes. One banger pizza spot to supplement the ok-to-good spots. Chinese… please! we are driving a couple times a week to Cerritos/Artesia or SGV for food. Specifically within Chinese, a real Taiwanese place - I would do anything for a Class 302 location to open up here. Don’t even need a mom and pop shop type store. Although the new Canaan location is actually decent albeit a very limited menu.


RIP Mamalucco’s (sp?). They were in the Albertson’s center on Imperial by Trader Joe’s in Brea.

La Cañada / La Crescenta area. We have good Mediterranean and a Starbucks… Everything else is a drive.


That place was good? I think it’s a taco joint now.

What are ya’ll talking about? Pasadena has Howlin’ Rays, Guisados, Lucky Boys, Roma, Pie N’ Burger. Prolly other stuff I don’t know about.