What's a good mexican restaurant with outdoor seating?

Not too expensive if possible. I like enchiladas or chile relleno.

Pretty much most of them at this stage? Which neighborhood are you looking for? Would you prefer 110F + temperatures?

Salsa & Beer


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I was trying to avoid those with makeshift tables in the parking lot.

Amor Y Tacos - Cerritos

They have really good fish tacos, a chile relleno burger, mole tots and while I have never had the enchiladas, they do look quite good. They have a nice patio and some tables under a large overhang in front of the restaurant, I’m sure you can reserve a table outside and would recommend a reservation as it does get quite crowded at times. Very good value. Oh, and the nachos ain’t too shabby either, but I am an nacho fiend so take it fwiw.


Yxta Cocina Mexicana

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Anaya. sidewalk seating.

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El Cholo in Santa Monica. It ain’t cheap, though.

Monte Alban’s outdoor seating is in part of the parking lot, but I think it actually looks really nice (they’re using their usual indoor furniture), and I would feel comfortable eating there (aside from the rock-hard seats where back and leg support are at a strict 90 deg angle).

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Authentic Mexican furniture design.

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Had my first meal at Salsa and Beer today. Loved it. It was everything I was hoping Casa Vega would be (instead CV was absolutely disgusting).

One question for veterans —they have like 3 different types of carnitas on the menu. How are they any different? Do folks have favorites?

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106 Seafood Underground #TheOGSergio


Paco’s Mexican Restaurant in Arcadia has some outdoor seating

That’s where we went.

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Regarding open-air Mexican dining, has anyone been to Salazar recently? If so what did you think or any dishes you recommend?

I’ve never gone but have been curious for a while and the outdoor arrangement is very appealing right now

Paging @Gr8pimpin

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Yes? Oh wait…

The Zacatecas style has grilled onions and jalapeños and cheese.

The other “Guadalajara” is sauced and has cheese.

There’s enough cheese for me on the beans

I never gave the others a thought. Personally I always go with plain ole carnitas. I like the simplicity. Less is more, for me. Tortilla, carnitas and the spicy green. Theirs are crispy and I just can’t see the sauce or other things helping with the crisp.

Pro tip: last time I was there sides of carnitas or asada is only like $6.50 and they give you what seems like a 1/2 pound. Great for lo carb or have a meat extravaganza.

Which location did you go to?

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I went a few months ago and really liked my tacos. Cocktails have always been fun, vibes have always been wavy (in a good or bad way depending on your affinity for the post hipster / pre-yuppie / trustafari / industry-adjacent scene), I’ve found food to be hit or miss but last time was a hit. Good asada, good salsa, very good flour tortillas.


Thank you, Srsly very helpful!

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I went to the one on Sherman Way. I am in the immune compromised camp so I’m still unwilling to eat inside, but the inside looked really fun. The outdoor space along the side was actually quite nice anyway.

We got the mocaljete with carnitas, which were especially crispy on the hot stone. Liked the flour tortillas a lot. The corn were generic store bought ones.

Any recs on best drinks? I did a standard marg on the rocks, but I feel like a place like that has drinks they’re known for.

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Haven’t been in a while but I’ve always enjoyed my meals at Salazar. The aguachile and pork chop are my favorites. Chips and guac are also better than most. Excellent margaritas as well.