Where is Chowseeker1999?

@Chowseeker1999, are you out there?
Rumors flying that you have left.
Say it ain’t so!

I didn’t always agree with your opinions, but goddamn if you weren’t the most committed, thorough, and passionate poster highlighting diverse cuisine from all over SoCal. Two things I really appreciated:

  1. Your deeeep dives into the various international cuisines run by first or second generation immigrants.
  2. You highlighted delicious food in a price range that was accessible.

To add… The multiple visits b/f posting to assess consistency and the freq updates.


I have to think he/she felt they were being called racist and decided to leave. Otherwise why would you delete all your old posts -that’s really the nuclear option.

That’s my feeling, as well. This is a huge loss for the community. :frowning:


Maybe they’re planning their triumphant return to blogging.



this was my thought. All that content? Essentially donated? Probably better off earning ad revenue from the clicks.

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Mystery solved. He jumped ship to HO:



Wow. Feel like I’ve been dumped by that amazing girl I took for granted.

The chowseeker handle only exists on chowhound and FTC.

So she wants you to know she’s banging someone else now.


You know, I originally thought they were the same people back a few yrs ago.

In re-reading exilekiss’s reviews recently, I do think there are enough differences to indicate that they’re different people.

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What the heck? Did he jump there because he was pissed off here? Or were there other reasons?

I didn’t think the racial discussion was hostile or attacking him personally. In fact, I thought it was worse with the people who got on his case for making dedicated posts instead of adding to an existing thread.

I thought those were much more personal attacks.

At the same time, if someone wants to leave, it’s their right. It’s just a bummer that all their posts would be deleted.


We both stated our opinions in the discussion and that was that. No ill feeling.

Your guess is as good as mine as far as why he jumped ship. :grimacing:


are we doing preponderance of the evidence or without a reasonable doubt?

soft, fluffy, and oily, so good

they were the most delicious filled mochi I’ve ever had (so delicate, fluffy, and soft).

Cider Glaze, Vanilla Whipped Cream and the Streusel Crumble gives it a nice light crunch to the fluffy Donut.

Soft, fluffy, excellent Japanese-style Milk Bread from Baker Yoshi Inada and the Cream Pan staff

exterior, fluffy, soft interior with tender morsels of Octopus

Soft, fluffy mouthfeel, not too dense, nice Chicken-y essence in the broth.

their pitas—really soft and fluffy.

Slightly firm on the outside, but immediately yielding a soft fluffy interior and the Hazelnut Cream filling!

Their Salbut is almost the same as the Panucho, except that it features a Soft, Fluffy Handmade Corn Tortilla

And the Cream itself was silky smooth and velvety, and when matched with the soft, fluffy bread

good crispiness giving way to a soft, fluffy interior.

Besides the soggy exterior (bummer), the inside was very soft and slightly fluffy, with a nice meaty chunk of Tako (Octopus)

Their Ebi Shinjyo (Shrimp Cake) finds the right balance: Soft, fluffy, fresh-tasting Shrimp with just the right touch of the ocean


Whatever. Imitation and sincerest form of flattery and all that.

LOL!!! You’re killing it today!

Discourse doesn’t support deleting all your posts once you’ve posted more than 15. There are >6000 posts still here from Chowseeker1999.

I haven’t read anybody else that Capitalizes Every Food Term, and Ingredient.