Where is Chowseeker1999?

Didn’t even notice that until you pointed it out. I’ll never be able to unsee it now.


I really went down the rabbit hole with this one - in 2020 Chowseeker says they went to Inaba for the first time, yet there’s a review in 2008 from EK.

Maybe CS is Andy Gavin afterall.

Wait, what happen? What’s did I miss?

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chowseeker pulled a porthos.

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Nah, no plagiarism on CS’s part.

Did porthos delete his old posts??? :frowning:

e.g. Providence Update in Photos

That didn’t happen.

Yeah would be a real shame if @Chowseeker1999 has decided to leave FTC. :cry:

Delicious. Ho is a fantastic website for home cooking. Smokes this site . The rest of your site is good reading though. I enjoy both sites . The truth.

It’s a damn shame. And exile is not Chowseeker and is certainly not Andy Gavin. There are already too many conspiracy theories existing out there. kevin, Porthos, ipse, now CS…


You forgot @bulavinaka and @thechez5.


I hope you’re right @J_L, because I read the discussion about that Exile Kiss fella’ or gal on Chowhound and it seems s/he was very inviting and friendly, direct messaging people and making them believe s/he was their friend. But when s/he decided to end the blog that also ended. S/he dumped everyone and stopped responding to their messages. That’s some cold, phony-ass, sh_t.


No conspiracy theory about ipsedixit. He left because I overruled his decision to let DoctorChow rant about Covid-19 in unrelated topics.


@Chowseeker1999 made some complaints to me as moderator, but I couldn’t see that most of it rose to the level that justified moderation. You make provocative comments, expect to get some back. If somebody crossed a line, it was too subtle for me to make out amid the fog of in-jokes.

I hate to see such a hard-working, prolific contributor leave, but users of this board have made it clear that they want moderation to err on the side of freewheeling chitchat.


I miss both of them

No mystery why Kevin left either.

It’s a tough call and you’re in a thankless position. Most of us left CH because of how the board changed with the onerous moderation being a large part of the changes.

But it is much appreciated that you provided this alternate haven.


still catching up on what the ruckus is all about…but wow, to go from one of the most popular posters on FTC to HO basic user is something. And they don’t even have a LA section!! Don’t know the demographics of HO, but seems like SF+ California seems skewed NorCal. There’s hardly any mention of LA spots other than few trip reports… sigh. don’t know if those HO folks will appreciate the visits to all 4 Saigon Bakeries. I’ll miss @Chowseeker1999 multi-multi visit posts for sure.


In total agreement. The art of criticism is to be prepared to then back it up.

I am sad that we no longer may get round up posts… but they were something that were never really owned to us. And if CS was no longer getting the ‘appreciation’ that they felt they deserved… then okay… leave. I more than appreciate the quiet exit rather than a whole post where people would ‘beg’ them to stay. In all my years moderating and running boards… very rarely do they work. it’s just one last ego boost… FU to the ‘management’ and it stirs up the pot for other grievances. We are all adults here… and sometimes folks just go away.


I’ve poked my head into HO a few times and recognize many ex-CH names and some FTC crossover names, some good stuff certainly. But there just isn’t enough LA content to make it a viable regular site for me. They do have some other interesting non-region specific content, but again, not of enough interest to me.

I’ve always done a hard eye roll at those kinds of posts at all the boards I’ve participated even, regardless of type of interest. Most of the time, the type of person who put up those kinds of posts are usually look at me drama queens with many of their regular postings.

They want people begging them to come back.

Yup. Life happens for various reasons. Sometimes the reasons for not participating aren’t obvious or even related to the board. Sure human curiosity is always there and I’m just as guilty for wanting to know.

But, you can’t always get what you want (and if you heard that in Mick’s singing voice, I’m sorry, really I am)


There was plenty of space in that thread for him to back off and kill the thread as well.

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May I ask what thread?