Where to find really great conchas (pan dulce)?

Okay, I’m completely obsessed with conchas, you know the pan dulce that looks sort of like a shell. I usually buy them at La Monarca and Northgate. I’m going to be in Boyle Heights tomorrow, paying respects to my great-grandmother at Evergreen Cemetery. Is there a bakery you’d recommend for really great conchas in East LA? Many thanks!!

I found this photo of conchas on Tumblr, but no photography credits were given.

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El Gallo (on Caesar Chavez Blvd, near McDonnell)

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I like La Mascota Bakery.



@ipsedixit I haven’t been to El Gallo in years - before the latent concha obsession emerged. Great idea! It’s pretty near Zacatecas Raspados - if I recall correctly. I really dig the rompope there.

@thechez5 I’ve been meaning to go to La Mascota for years. I need to get there stat! Well I’ll definitely visit one of these fine establishments this weekend, that’s for sure.

They go really well with the Champurrado. Just need the weather to cool down. I also like their oatmeal cookies (forget the Mexican name).

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I can’t even contemplate champurrado right now. Bring on El Nino - in theory, that is.

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I went to La Mascota this afternoon and bought chocolate and vanilla conchas. I was a little sad that they didn’t have the garish pink ones that I love - not that they taste better, but they’re a holdover from my childhood. The chocolate concha had almost a roasted chocolate flavor, which really blew me away. The balance was perfect with the intense topping and the very lightly flavored bread. Definitely the best conchas I’ve had thus far. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

I really liked the service. The guy that helped me was so enthusiastic about their products. I ended up buying some cheese tamales too to store in the freezer, but begged off on the champurrado. It’s still not cool enough to partake of this rich, hearty drink.

Thanks again to @thechez5 and @ipsedixit. I’ll definitely get back to El Gallo one of these days.


Chocolate concha? I did not know such a thing existed!

I think I know what’s next on my shopping list… : )

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Only the topping is chocolate-flavored. The bread is made out of the regular, lightly-sweetened dough.

Glad you liked La Mascota! I really enjoy that chocolate concha, as well. I need to try their tamales. Heard so many good things about them.

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Still - chocolate flavored topping! Well worth a try - thank you!

Pan Estilo Copala Guerrero in CPT.

Anyone try?

Any recs for what to get? @Dommy

Tbh the only pan dulce I had is from the supermarket


that place is :100::100: just on the smells alone. i know not a damn thing about pan dulce so have just gotten random samplings, from which nothing has disappointed or been left unfinished. looking at the eater article again, apparently im into the doraditas…
i will say, to my ignorant and benighted palate, most of the pan dulce taste similar to each other… (but i also once had similar opinion on the various forms of corn tortilla)


1000% worth the trip. Best pan dulce I’ve ever had. The conchas are phenomenal. The woman running it could no be sweeter and it is stupidly inexpensive.


I have not tried them! To be honest I am not a huge sweets person, so I never really seek out Pan Dulce.

Most of it’s pretty bad now because the competition isn’t what it once was. Growing up just east of USC, there were several panaderia in the area… and then then unrest and the big super markets started to sell their bread cheaper (although it’s awful).

As for the types… Conchas are often the true test of a bakery’s skill in terms of flavor and texture. I also love Orejas (Palmiers!) and Bisquette (biscuit).

It’s a little different here on the Eastside, of the bakeries near us I have been enjoying El Pavo the best (it’s near El Huarachito). They have this Concha Bisquette hybrid that is just out of this world.

Usually in our actual neighborhood, I like Pacific French Bakery on Washington near Crenshaw. Don’t let the line dissuade you.

The best concha I have had was at Horchateria Rio Luna in the form of their Concha Ice Cream Sandwich. Crazy how good that is. I am very much looking forward to trying their new Sandwich place.


Got to try them out this morning. The “worm” pan dulce in the first 2 pics was fresh from the oven piping hot and pretty incredible. It’s not too sweet and I think there is a little bit of salt there. The worm is also the family favorite and imo this is the best pan dulce I ever had. Tio said something about the flour being very old and these are all of his family recipes. (Something might have been lost in translation).

Bring your own coffee or milk. I really wish I had some cafe de olla to enjoy with this.


Ooh, I’ve stopped at their San Fernando location for a coffee horchata. Concha Ice Cream Sandwich? Now that sounds interesting.

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I have only been to their Paramount Location. I love their Horchata too, but this is a thing of beauty…


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