Which regional pizza is your favorite?

What the heck alien thing is growing out of the California pizza?



Of course! Yes, in California we like our pizza a la flambé. :dancer:t2::fire::pizza::sunglasses:

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or fried wonton skins.

The love child of Guy Fieri’s hair and Mario Batali.


Mario Batali or his hair?

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Only Guy and Mario know.

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Did you make that? How did you get those perfect angles?

Thanks. This is something I knew nothing about. And discussions like this about the dough just loses me. Not that I can’t understand it; I just don’t want to. But maybe wienermobile will invite me over some time. :smile:

You don’t need to read the discussion if you’re not interested, you can just follow the recipe.

I just ordered that pan.

I wish!!!

I’ve always described myself as “dough phobic.” They get to talking about ‘hydration’ and %s of this and that. But that recipe sounds doable. Thanks, kiddo.

That’s standard style for Serious Eats. They have a long piece where they explain how they figured out what worked best, but you can skip that and go straight to the recipe.

Oh I know and I love that. It’s just D.O.U.G.H. that freaks me out :slight_smile:

Newsletter from Gastro Obscura today covers Altoona-style, Colorado-style, Ohio Valley-style, Rhode Island pizza strips, Quad City pizza, and (the only one I’ve heard of before) St. Louis-style.



I grew up with Rhode Island pizza strips, aka bakery pizza, usually from DePetrillo’s. Staple at birthday parties, church events, etc.and occasional lunchbox treat. Always served at room temperature.

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the stuffed pizza