WHO is the big bad food wolf

News story out that WHO has determined red and processed meats cause cancer.

The line in the story that really caught my attention was where it

“classifies processed meat products like salami and bacon carcinogenic to humans, the strongest level of risk for cancer, and a category shared with tobacco smoke”

Crazy. Now people will be worried about the dangers of second hand smoke from the frying of bacon. Correlation run a muck.

That’s not really news.

I know there have been reports about this but to see bacon equated with tobacco was surprising and at least to me, a bit over the top.

The WHO classifications are:

Group 1 - Carcinogenic to humans - 118 agents
Group 2A - Probably carcinogenic to humans - 75
Group 2B - Possibly carcinogenic to humans - 288
Group 3 - Not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to humans - 503
Group 4 - Probably not carcinogenic to humans - 1

Cured meats are in group 1, red mean in group 2B.