WSGV updates

Feng Ying Gui Lin Rice Noodles has replaced Noodle Harmony in Monterey Park.

Thats lame, I just ate there last month and thought the pho ga was pretty decent.

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Macao Cafe replaces Tasty House in San Gabriel.

Has anyone tried Xian Biang Biang Noodle?


I have!!


Great! What’d you think? Did I miss the post on it, if so sorrry!

I really like their Biang Biang style noodles, it’s the only noodle dish they have that uses that long thick noodle. The rest are a different type of handmade noodle for some reason. Also good, but not the same. So if you want that noodle it’s just 31-33 on the menu.

Food was good but it was super oily. Everything just felt drenched in oil to me.


It’s got good chew! I like. I am not too experienced with biang biang/youpo though tbh

How was the oil usage compared to other Shaanxi-style places? (Shaanxi Gourmet; Shaanxi Garden; Xi’an Tasty; Xi’an Kitchen). Amount of oil varied from place to place. I recall Shaanxi Gourmet being criticized for not using enough oil. And how about amount of vinegar? This too, seems to vary from Shaanxi place to place. Folks have said Noodle Art is heavy on the vinegar, which has kept me away. Shaanxi Gourmet started out with a light touch on the vinegar, but near the end of the Arcadia location, the cold skin noodles were drenched in it.

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noodle art had a shit ton of oil as well.

I think most of these places do too much oil except for Lao Xi noodle


I always found mainland spots to be more oily compared to Taiwanese and Canto