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Big fan of Meet Qin Noodle, good biang biang noodles and won ton soup very nice


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Hey my Shanghainese friends who is making the best hong shao kao fu (braised wheat gluten)???

I think 红烧烤麸 is the same thing as 四喜烤麸 but am not 100% sure.

Anyway, we asked our Shanghainese colleague for a Shanghai restaurant rec, and she recommended Auntie Qiu in Arcadia. She specifically liked their 四喜烤麸。I found it way too sweet.

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My dad!

Actually, he makes his with just bean sprouts. Slaps!!

After him, maybe No. 8 on the Bund.

Did you try Little Southern Mini Town? Hong shao kao fu sounds like their speed.

You try anything else there? What you like?