[WSJ] Foodies Can Order Meats From a Single Animal

If I click that link, I get a paywall message, but if I go there by Googling foodies order meats single animal, I can see it.

I buy most of my meat direct from the farmers who raised it, the rest I usually know the sourcing. I don’t know why anyone would care that various cuts of meat all came from the same animal, seems a bit fetishistic.


It’s probably more important to buy from a seller who has a vertically integrated operation so that it can control all aspects of the product (from raising the animal, to feeding it, to butchering it, etc.) than to worry about having your oxtail and your ribs and your brisket all come from the same animal.

Vertical integration isn’t necessarily a plus. The farmers I buy from most often contract out the slaughtering and butchering. Judging from the prices, I think that saves money compared with Prather, Belcampo, and Marin Sun Farms.