[WSJ] Sugar: A Matter of Life and Death

That link hits a paywall for me, but if I Google the headline I can read the article.

That’s the same science behind “Always Hungry,” the dreadfully misnamed diet book by Dr. David Ludwig. The basic meal template is:

  • four to six ounces of protein
  • two or three teaspoons of fat
  • non-starchy carbohydrates: half a cup of beans or Greek yogurt, or a cup of bean or vegetable soup or non-tropical fruit
  • half a cup of low-glycmic-index starchy carbs such as sweet potato, winter squash, or literal whole grains like barley or farro
  • lots and lots of non-starchy vegetables
  • no sugar, flour, potatoes, or other high-glycemic-index starches
  • no processed food

I don’t have a sweet tooth and rarely ate processed food, so the main change from my old diet was eliminating bread and pasta. I’ve been eating that way most of the time for the past year and have lost 40 pounds without ever feeling like I was dieting. I don’t make a fetish of it, if I go to someone’s house for dinner I eat what I’m served. Once in a while I take a break and eat what I want, but I get full much sooner than I used to.