Wulong: Zhangye Noodle King

Since he dares to be king, it is obviously not enough to have two brushes, not to mention that it is difficult to talk to each other. … The king of noodles has a couplet written by a family: the first couplet: a bowl of tenacious noodles. The next link: 3,000 fresh customers with rotten meat and soup. Horizontal batch: The king of real noodles.


As the saying goes: “The daughter-in-law hit, rubbed to the ground”.

This is not a saying I’ve heard before.

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I would say that everything on this site looks auto-translated, except I can’t quite imagine it in Chinese either.

It looks like a link farm propping up one or more target articles. At the top of “trending” there is a single article that is written in coherent English, which is pretty obvious propaganda.

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