Xokol - Guadalajara

I liked the lighting a lot, your food is brightly lit and the diners are flattered by the reflected light. I thought I took a photo of the other end of the room, where there’s a wall of big jugs of fermenting things. There’s a good photo of that here:

Amuse: multi-corn tortilla with a chunky salsa and salt. This was the spiciest dish of the meal thanks to some habaneros.

Good match for the food. I’m not sure any course would have been good with a dry red, which some other diners were drinking.

Papákata - lenguado (sole) wrapped in a geranium? leaf and a bit of scallop in a citrusy sauce. The explanations were in Spanish so I missed a lot. Funny tiny spoons came with most courses that needed them. New plates and utensils came with every course. Or no utensils, for dishes to be eaten without.

pulque bread to be eaten with

oyster foam soup with saltwater (?) foam and a smoked? piece of oyster. Shells were just decoration.

rabbit meatball and tartlet of potato pearl and rabbit on a rock, some kind of dip for the meatball.

ceviche with spirulina algae sauce underneath a tortilla

Didn’t realize this was out of focus: it’s a dried fish head with a piece of crisp fish skin. Came with the ceviche.

lamb’s blood buñuelo with beef tartare and some dried fish, or maybe it was dried fish tartare

Another good match for the food.

Foam soups of three kinds of beans over a bean tamal. They brought out some jars to show us some of the 50? kinds of beans they use. This was one of my favorites of the meal.

Cauliflower wrapped in hoja santa, then masa, then some other kind of leaf, cooked directly on hot coals, with caviar stirred into the sauce.

Didn’t get a great photo of this. In the background on the right there’s a funny bark contraption with octopus that again was cooked directly on coals, to the left there’s some bread, in front there’s beets with some kind of sauce underneath.

Robalo (snook) tamal. They poured some broth on top. Maybe my favorite of the meal.

Under the salad there’s a cut-up tamal. They poured broth on this as well. Another favorite.

Demonstration of how they cooked the tamal directly on the coals.

Popped one in my mouth before I remembered to take a photo.

palate cleanser of citrus? gel and ice cream?

fruit? thingies with a dipping sauce

Spirulina ice cream cones with fish eggs presented on dried fish heads. I probably should have eaten mine in one bite, it crumbled and made a mess so I didn’t eat the bottom, where there was reportedly a delicious mandarin jelly.

candied jamaica (hibiscus) on ice cream?, some kind of gel? and some crumbly powder

I liked every dish, which isn’t usually the case for me with this kind of thing. Current policy, the tasting menu (around $100) has to be ordered in advance. Service was excellent. Most fun I’ve had at a restaurant since before Covid.


A la carte menu:


Drinks menu:

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This looks amazing. Any other Guadalajara spots worth looking out for? I’m thinking of trying to snag a cheap flight there.

I mostly hang out with my friends in Tlaquepaque so am not really up on the local restaurant scene.

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