Xtiosu Kitchen - "Oaxacan Arabesque" in Boyle Heights

It turns out two brothers from Mexico are putting out some incredible Lebanese dishes from a small storefront in Boyle Heights.

Had the tabouleh oaxaca, babaganoush, shawarma tacos and a beef kabob, all of which were terrific.

There is a really nice juxtaposition of Mexican spices and traditional Middle Eastern flavors. I’m a huge tabouleh fan and their rendition blew me away. Easily my current favorite in LA. Their baba was exceptional as well, rivaling Marouch, my other favorite spot for it, but in a much more humble setting with a better QPR. The tacos are also worth trying. While not the best shawarma you’ll find, the meat was good and the blend of flavors, especially with their salsa and their toum, is great.

These guys are clearly passionate about their product and are worth supporting. That was only reaffirmed after the fact, when I saw the LA Weekly article on their rise to open their own restaurant.


Yeah, I dig this place.

Mentioned it earlier here:

Sort of reminds me of the since closed Oaxacan/Persian place in Lancaster. Not fusion, but where else could you get a tlayuda and chapulines with doogh? (oh, I forgot there’s nothing out there in BFE)

Ahhh, did a search and didn’t find it. That’s what three different spellings will do…

That being said, these guys rock and deserve multiple threads!

I’m considering camping out here in the hopes of running into Mrs. Pinault coming by one of these days…