Yess Aquatic

I know @matthewkang did a good write-up on this spot, but I figured I’d start a thread, if only so I could find out what’s worth ordering and what isn’t.

Here’s the Eater link. Prominent Former London Chef Junya Yamasaki Opens a Food Truck in LA - Eater LA

Long story short is acclaimed Japanese food chef is opening a resto soon but until then he has a food truck serving locally caught seafood.

The menu changes according to the catch and is very interesting. Think Nashville-style dogfish sandwiches or ridgeback prawn sandwiches.

I was a little boring on my first visit and got the fish katsu sandwich. Really really good, except it was tiny. This is one of those food trucks that you should either bang bang with another place close by or except to spend 25-30 dollars to actually fill yourself up.

What did everyone else think? I’m sure some FTC’ers have been.


I went last weekend too! They told me I missed some rock crab dishes last week, which was a bummer. I got the prawn sandwich and the sashimi salad, it tasted super fresh. I agree they are kinda small, and we did a bang bang with Guerrilla Tacos. I would definitely come back and try their curries and whatever special catches they have. I do love the whole Life Aquatic homage. It was like 4 Steve Zissou’s in a food truck.


it does look like a good amount of prawns in the sandwich

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Also, good amount of hipsters in a truck.


tried the special spiny lobster katsu. lobster was cooked well but i didn’t expect the sauce to have so much wasabi or horseradish in it, it was a bit too much.

i enjoyed the fish katsu sandwich much better. a bit sloppy and small but pretty tasty.

the curry was complex and a bit dank, but the fries weren’t good.

california spiny lobster katsu sandwich, fresh cabbage and fennel, lobster sauce and rouille

fish katsu, nori, tartar sauce


pro tip: eat your food at the peaceful row less than a mile away. added bonus, you might meet little @TheCookie and @TheArchie.


There she is! :paw_prints: Looks like someone’s feeding her more regularly. She was an itty bitty when we first saw her. :two_hearts:


Glad to see she’s ear-tipped (the tip of one ear being gone is a symbol rescues use to show that someone trapped, spayed and released her). I do hope she has a safe place to stay with all the cold and rain lately.