🇹🇭 Chiang Rai, Long Beach

A corner joint on Anaheim Street, which has went though many iterations of Thai restaurants over the past couple decades, has changed hands once again in January, and a very interesting small corner of the menu has been focused on “Chiang Rai Local Foods.” So far the new owner/chef does not have the variety of Amphai Northern Thai Food Club, but some of the dishes are just as good and worth checking out. The restaurant is cute, the prices are good, and the quality is great.

Khao soi with beef:

Kanom jeen nam ngiew:

Had to grab some takeout:

Chiang Rai:

Wrote a whole article about it too with more about the place, its relation to Chiang Rai, and many more dishes, if you are interested. Awesome place:


That Khao Soi and Nam Ngiew looks pretty damn good. I can’t wait to try it one day. I hope people can appreciate a speciality place like this.


Excellent read! I may go here this weekend as I’ll be passing by and need a lunch spot in the Long Beach/Carson area.


That khao soi is the most photogenic I’ve ever seen!

Thanks for the write up. The fried pork belly sounds right up my alley…


I had their Khao Soi a few weeks ago. It is one of the best I’ve ever had. I love that they serve all the pickles with it.


Welcome to FTC. :slight_smile:

Welcome to FTC!

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Dropped by this weekend for some lunch. The khao soi with ribeye was excellent, definitely a great addition to the area. Ordered it medium spice level and could have handled more heat. Luckily they have chili powder in the condiment tray to bring up the heat. I do like Northern Thai Food Club a bit more, however this was still damn good.

The Chiang Rai larb was different from other larb, it was a bit drier. Ate with sticky rice and the provided herbs made it a nice bite.

The pork belly with green chili dip had great texture and flavor. Nice delicate crust with tender belly all supplemented by that really awesome green chili dip (nam prik num).

Thanks for the rec @EattheWorldLA !


Really good Khao Soi. Would have liked a chicken leg instead of breasts. They now ask for how spicy you want it because people would waste the nam prik pow or complain it was too spicy. Even in a coconut curry it’s too spicy for some lol

Would come back and try the kanoom jeen nam ngiaw.

Love the decor. My guess is maybe with the Bib and foodie media attention it brought a lot of people that are not quite FTC-types.


Yes! The one at Sweet Rice scratches the itch… but this one i legit!!! Glad you enjoyed it. It was always a bit busy because it’s such a neighborhood spot. Lots of locals there.


Really enjoy this one too! Next time order with beef, it’s delicious and better than the chicken option.

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