Dave Portnoy's pizza reviews

Dave Portnoy’s review of Delicious Pizza. Everybody knows the rules. One bite.

I do not know this man or the eatery, but that slice did NOT look good underneath…

He is the worst


And the list goes on and on…


I was thinking about doing his schtick for bagels… but no one would care LOL.

“Ok, Moshe, bagel review time. Two bites, nobody knows the rules”


Wow, and that doesn’t even include the leaked sex tapes (which shows up when you do an internet search just on his name).

Yikes. Well, one less person to pay attention to… ::shudder::

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Well there also are some things that are good about him. Not saying it excuses the other stuff.

He has raised millions and millions of dollars for struggling restaurants all across the country. He’s gotten celebrity friends to donate as well as putting up his own money.

He is giving them ongoing funding to stay alive during the pandemic. I think he’s giving it to them monthly, not loans, grants to keep open and make payroll. He is LOVED by many small businesses for his charitable work.


Dont know him at all . To many people are trying to take others down for their own faults

Cool! Sounds like he should do more of that, and less of the racism, sexism, harassment, and bad sports content. Just my opinion.


Not trying to get too detoured on the subject but people are posting legitimately sourced articles about how Portnoy has participated in racist and sexist behavior along with repeated cyber bullying and harassment.

Your response amounts to “meh nothing to see here, cancel culture”… classic whataboutism.


Portnoy sounds a little like the Adam Sandler character in Uncut Gems.

Entertainment’s a free market. He’s become rich by creating, maintaining, and selling shares of Barstool Sports. Why would he care what someone offended by his schtick thinks?

It’s not whether he should care, it’s whether we should care.

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I never heard of him or his web site and their schtick isn’t aimed at me. Why should I care about that scene?

I love this pizza but not service good

Off-topic but I got a laugh out of this, from Politico

The Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade inspired an outpouring of grief, anguish and political opprobrium from feminists and abortion rights supporters. Take the following, for example:

“We are literally going backwards in time. It makes no sense how anyone thinks it’s their right to tell a woman what to do with her body. I just don’t get it… At what point do you look at the Constitution and say, hey this was written by people who had slaves, and maybe not everything is exactly to a tee in the Constitution?”

Is that the bullhorn pronouncement of a NARAL organizer? An AOC Instagram monologue? A particularly impassioned podcast intro from the “Pod Save” crew? Sorry, that’s not right: It’s Dave Portnoy, the media mogul and Barstool Sports president better known for his viral pizza reviews, unrepentant aggro-masculinity and social media trolling than for pro-choice activism (or, for that matter, critique of originalist legal theory).

Not food related, but I read about Dave Portnoy’s comment in an article where they said that OJ Simpson had also made a statement (Tweet?) supporting women’s rights. It was very… surreal.