Dinner Time Live with David Chang

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Interesting change from the usual.

Molto Mario was somewhat like that, mostly cooking in real time while chatting with a few guests sitting at the counter.


I admit, there was a time in my 20s when I had Emeril Live going on as I did my own dinner prep. I never did any of this recipes, but learned a fair amount in terms of technique and spicing.


David Chang
Real Live Chef

I don’t know if this is what I expected. He had some fully prepared dishes and sides ready to serve. Very intimate setting. Just Chang and his 2 guests - Rashida Jones and Steven Yuen.

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If it was supposed to be like Emeril Live, I don’t think it was successful.

It was more like a hang out with friends. They didn’t even explain how the Ribolita was even made. It was just served up in bowl with croutons and cheese.


Not much in the way of cooking or discussing recipes/food. Seemed like just a bunch of friends eating and drinking.

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Meh then. Sounds like it’s trying to be like hot ones with fancy food.

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Rashida Jones actually asked a lot of questions like what ingredients were in some dishes and seemed like she is into food. Chang seemed kinda rattled and unable to both cook/speak at the same time. I’m sure the show will get better over time but I wasn’t super impressed.

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Same. I’m not sure that’s must see TV for me…even if I’m able to stream it whenever I want.

Remind me when this happened, because

Deleted because I obviously had wrong information

Watched the 2nd episode and it was a little better. Kinda entertaining but need to work out some kinks. Chris Ying does a good job of keeping them on task and without him prodding Chang would never explain what he is cooking, how he cooked the dish or what the ingredients are.

The show with Chrissy Tiegen is enjoyable. Watched the Bianco episode with Jimmy Kimmel and his wife. They all seemed like they were having fun and a little drunk.

funny episode


I just wanna know if @Clayfu made the Astrea delivery on live TV.

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it was regalis


More reason to not watch this episode.


Rogen and Barinholtz are a couple of serious eaters! That was nuts.

Those timpani were insane.