Eating meat: threat or menace?

I am proud to have eaten a vegan burrito every day for an entire month! Thank you all for joining me in my journey.

(warrior polar bear on last little piece of ice in Arctic Ocean, surrounded by Arctic sea trash)

Saving the planet from climate change starts with us. I still see too many gas cars on the streets. I still see too many people eating too much meat.

(fire caused by climate change)

Be the change that you want to see in the world.

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Not eating meat is less like driving an electric car than it is like not driving.

Eating meat from regenerative farms reduces emissions more than eating no meat.

Really, there are only three things you can do that will have a major effect:

  1. Shut down all your coal mines.
  2. Cap all your oil wells.
  3. Cap all your natural gas wells.

If we’d all do those three simple things … well, actually, we’re probably past the tipping point, so it doesn’t matter.


Not trying to diminish the horror of climate change but that polar bear photo is super duper fake


Not sure if I agree with the simple black and white approach of we do either these things or its mot worth doing anything. No doubt that we are very far in terms of timeline wrt climate change but as with any scientific field it is constantly changing and updating/improving and so doing nothing doesn’t make any sense. There are enough serious climate researchers who have laid out what smaller steps everybody can do in daily life to start to have an impact (if many people are doing it) - which also includes meat consumption (and many other things)


Doing nothing makes no sense, but rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic to make yourself feel better doesn’t accomplish anything either. If you ever travel by airplane, you’ve turned not eating meat into a rounding error.

My Great-Grandfather told me how scary it was when Earth became too hot to live on. The skies burned with fire day and night, and you couldn’t walk across the street without collapsing. I asked him if he had had any kind of warning about climate change, and he said yes, there’d been articles, movies, and books about how it was going to happen. I asked him if he tried to stop it from happening, and he said yes, of course. I asked him how, and he said that he had done something called recycling, which is where you throw your garbage into different-colored boxes. I asked my mom what he was talking about, and she explained that when people become as old as my Great-Grandfather their brains start to break down and it is almost like they turn back into babies.

I’m confused. Are @PeonyWarrior vegans now?


Eating a vegan burrito every day for a month doesn’t make you a vegan.

It does if it’s all you eat, but @PeonyWarrior did not say that was the case.

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Thank you for your question. Peony should speak for herself, but I identify as vegan. Sainthood isn’t required. Eating less animal products results in less climate change.

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You identify as a vegan even though you only eat “less animal products,” not no animal products? Have you met


If you’re accusing me of pulling an Elizabeth Warren, then I find that deeply offensive.

I’m accusing you of saying you’re a vegan when you’re not.


Contextitarinism allows you say you’re vegan when you feel like it.

So does being mayor of New York, fun fact.

Mr. Roussel, then the Communist Party presidential candidate, was fiercely criticized in January for saying all French people should have the right to traditional fare. “A good wine, good meat, good cheese, that is French gastronomy,” he said. … Mr. Roussel’s popularity briefly surged, and thunderous applause at rallies greeted his cry of: “What are we going to eat? Tofu and soy beans? Come on!”

The crostata is vegetarian, not vegan. Pasta frolla (shortcrust) is always made with butter and often with egg.

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I didn’t ask for a recipe. The food was essentially vegan.