La Morra Pizzeria

New permanent location for la morra on 3rd near the farmers market @TheCookie

This was my first time having la morra fresh (tried it once frozen and it was really good), and this was excellent. the crust had the slightess crisp with no soupy center or flaccidness. it was super flavorful and added bonus, each pie comes with a container of pureed roasted garlic to turn your cornicione into a even more delicious garlic stick. thanks for the rec @NYCtoLA, @moonboy403.

salsiccia - tomato, fennel sausage, peppers, mozzarella, parmigiano, basil

pepperoni, tomato, mozzarella, parmigiano, chili, garlic, oregano

La Morra Pizzeria
8022 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90048


You forgot to mention that they use a light sourdough crust that’s pleasantly chewy!


Looks great. Can’t wait to try soon


Hmmm La Morra sounds familiar @moonboy403. :wink: Looks delish. Thanks for the heads up @PorkyBelly!

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i love when i try something new that so far exceeds my expectations that it’s mind blowing. that was definitely the case with la morra’s patate + sausage. get this. thanks for the rec @NYCtoLA

patate - yukon golds, raclette, rosemary, panna, black pepper, parmigiano + sausage
thin crispy slices of potato on top of creamy, slightly-funky cheese, with accents of rosemary and porky sausage.

margherita - tomato, mozzarella di bufala, basil, olive oil + sausage + garlic
I also tried the @lapizzamaven (aka margherita add sausage) and it was also outstanding. this may be my new favorite neo-neapolitan pizzeria.

napoli - tomato, anchovy, caper, garlic, oregano, chili, basil, olive oil
i wasn’t fan of this one, too salty with the capers and anchovy. i BYOBurrata’d and that helped balance things out a bit.


so PorkyBelly, are they a pop up or is it the 3rd St location listed on web site…and big thanks for the Margherita & sausage shout out!

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never mind, I see now!

Is it safe to say this is the best pizza in LA right now?

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Certainly a strong contender for the title.

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I am kicking myself for not trying them…

I remember they used to pop up at Tabula Rasa. I tried to go one night and couldn’t find parking so I said f it. Should have parked at the Ralph’s on Hollywood x Western.

Anyone had the frozen pies?

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I’ve had it, came out great. comes with instructions to make the crust as soft or as crispy as you want.


Is that the link you intended?

yep, scroll to the bottom

Inspired by this thread (thanks @PorkyBelly), picked up some La Morra for dinner tonight (and judging by my IG I wasn’t the only one). It’s been too long since I first had their pizza from the Tabula Rasa pop-up days, but this really is one of the best pizzas in town right now.

Margherita: one of the best versions in town.

Napoli + burrata: really needed the burrata, as the anchovy + caper combo was a bit salty on its own. But solid.

Patate + sausage: this was really great. Nice funk from the cheeses. With the sausage, it was kind of like eating a breakfast burrito as a pizza. PAEOI next time?



Looks fabulous

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nailed it

i’m BYOEing next time

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La Morra x Woon collab

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I’m sorry but la morra isn’t that good. I went again last night…and had the same opinion as I did during their pop ups. It’s decent but not the best. and having cento pizzeria just the weekend before, cento is soooo much tastier and much cheaper/better QPR.

Anyone singing the praises of la morra go to cento and tell me they aren’t doing superior pies for better QPR


I enjoy La Morra, though one of my pizzas was a miss on a recent visit.

Oste down the street is worth a visit.