Looking for a Thread/Post

Sometime in the past year, there was a thread or post about a specific stuffing/dressing recipe.

What I vaguely remember:

  • Was a link to maybe a podcast and (possibly?) involved David Chang
  • Identified the recipe as being Midwestern - maybe a specific state but likely regional
  • Recipe included pineapple

Is this jogging any memories?

Here’s the thing: the basic recipe is the stuffing I grew up with (sans pineapple) and still make (again without the pineapple). At least that’s what I very vaguely recall. And now that it’s approaching the time of year when I’m contemplating the Thanksgiving menu I’m curious about how closely what I make hews to the recipe.

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This one?

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Yes, that is it - many thanks for the finding!

Next issue: the link says the website is gone.

cached link:


Here you go! -from the podcasts discord community.

Dave Arnold’s Stuffing and Parker House Rolls (with Notes from the Club)

My stuffing is straight ’70s white-folk shit, and I love it. Neither I nor my mom know any exact proportions. The only thing she advised was one tube of sausage (always Jones pork sausage roll) per loaf of Pepperidge Farm white. (Not some other kind of bread, and not dried. Wonder is too soft.)* The rest is by eye.

Sweat onions and celery in butter, set aside
Sauté mushrooms (sliced buttons, duh), set aside
Break up and brown sausage in a pan (like you would loose chorizo for egg), set aside and reserve grease
Melt some butter
Drain some canned mandarin oranges and break up the wedges†
Tear the bread into pieces in a big bowl
Locate eggs, salt, pepper, and poultry seasoning††

Toss in all the solid ingredients with the bread. Add some eggs, the sausage grease, some butter, salt, pepper, and, most importantly, poultry seasoning. Mix it all up. It will be too dry. Add some combo of more egg and butter and, I’m guessing, more poultry seasoning and salt. I usually immersion-circulate this first, then remove the backbone and rib cage of our turkey and cook the bird over the hot stuffing plug. Do what you want, though. If you’re going to cook it without meat, you might want a bit of stock or something.

Recipe Club’s Notes

  • If Pepperidge Farm isn’t available to you, you’re looking for a standard white loaf that has a little bit of structure. Nothing fancy. And you don’t have to toast it first. Trust us.
    † Yes, mandarin oranges from the can. They don’t stand out in the final product, but lend their sweetness and moisture.
    †† We know you’ve been trained never to use dried herb mixes like this, but this one works in this context.

Dave Arnold’s mom adds: It’s gotta be a dense bread to hold up. Also FYI, you can cook the stuffing and freeze it. I sent it frozen to my daughter in Italy one year, and it thawed perfectly en route so they could eat it right away.


175 g 473 g whole milk 72%
30 g 57 g whole egg (1) 9%
6 g 14.5 g salt 2%
45 g 100 g sugar 15%
6 g 12 g SAF red yeast 2%
300 660 g AP flour 100%
– 60 g potato flour (not starch)* 9%
50 g 113 g softened butter (1 stick) 17%

50 g AP Flour
50 g Milk

One 9x13 pan and one 8x8 pan. I mean, I don’t care, but about 180 square inches. Also, I like glass for this.
For brushing: 150–170 g melted butter (~1.5 sticks)

Mix milk, egg, salt, and sugar. Nuke 30 seconds to get to room temp. Stir in yeast. (Note: Stirring the yeast into the liquid is a bullshit step if you use SAF, but I leave it in just in case.)†

Add both flours and warm milk mixture to mixer bowl fitted with paddle. Mix till dough starts coming away from wall (kinda like brioche), then beat in the soft butter chunk by chunk. Let rise covered till doubled—like an hour, depending on temp. Punch down.

Coat the bottom of your pans with butter. Divide dough into 3 pieces. Form each piece into a rectangle on a floured surface and roll into long rectangle. Brush the top side with butter and fold along the long axis to make the middle butter seam. Cut the folded dough into 6 rolls and arrange in the pans with the butter seam horizontal, like Pac-Man. I get 12 rolls in the big pan and 6 in the small. Brush top with a bit of butter and let proof for like 45 minutes or 1 hour.

Meantime preheat oven to 375. These need to bake about 20 minutes. If you use convection, watch out. The tops brown pretty fast, and they might only need 17 minutes. I check at 10-minute mark. If they’re already browning, I’ll tent with foil. I pull at 190 internal. After you take them out, guess what? Brush rest of butter.

Recipe Club’s Notes

  • Potato starch won’t ruin this recipe—it’ll be fine—but instant mashed potato flakes might be an even better option.
    † What he means is, stirring yeast in with liquid is something you do to activate packaged yeast that’s mostly dead. SAF is reliable enough that you can mix it straight into the dough.

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I’m making the stuffing for the time this week. No Jones sausage roll or Pepperidge Farms available out here so we’ll see for it goes. Good luck if anybody else is making trying this for the first time this week. Doesn’t seem all that difficult just need to taste and season as we go.