Olsons Scandinavian Deli

Anyone here been to Olsons Scandinavian Deli?

Just by pure happenstance, I had struck up a conversation with a barista at FIKA in NYC about good Scandinavian grub, and the lady behind the counter was nice enough to suggest sandwiches, especially one called the skagen

Well, as luck would have it (there’s that happenstance thing again), I found myself running a few errands in Mid City, and instead of slumming it at Ho Ho Kitchen, I dropped into Olsons.

A Scandinavian deli in name, but a market by trade. One look at the menu, I saw that I had found my skagen, which is essentially a shrimp salad sandwich. Here, it was served on a lightly toasted brioche lobster-syle roll, split open nearly 180 degrees, and ladled with generous amounts of shrimp salad. Very reminiscent of the egg salad sandwich Euro Pane.

The shrimp was nice and firm (not mealy), and the salad was seasoned nicely with what must have been dill, lemon zest (?), and tangy sour cream. And mixed with little dabs of caviar, for that nice salty finish.

Good stuff. Destination? Hmm. Tough call. Sure beats a flight to Sweden I suppose.

Olsons Scandinavian Deli
Mid City on Pico (near Spaulding)


Relatively often.

My wife is Swedish we rely on Olsons for salted licorice fish and all sorts of other stuff. The haribo “matador mix” is the other favorite licorice. There’s also this salted caviar stuff that comes in a blue metal toothpaste tube that’s really nice. Lastly lots of unusual (and some very very pungent) cheeses, deli meats, breads (like the dense thin sliced pumpernickel, and variety of herring and the like. Nice gravlax sandwich too. Another item that’s good is this elderberry syrup stuff you add water to – that sort of thing is very popular over there and quite refreshing.

Lots of other good things there and the recent renovation has really improved matters – it’s now a nice place to sit and enjoy a sandwich.

I’m glad to see someone else write about this spot. Bang Bang with Oki’s Dog down the street.

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hmmm, yeah, i still haven’t hit up the swedish joint on pic, been meaning to and the tana’s maitre d’ runs/owns the joint;

any clue if can grab that shrimp salad sandwich sans caviar ???

btw, please describe Ho Ho Kitchen further. it sounds pretty fucking dope

and that ain’t no joke. good chinese in mid city ???

No idea. Looks like a typical take-out place. Did not try, just caught my eye as there is an identical named restaurant in El Monte. Obviously, not related, except in name only.


and in that stretch of road I still really like My Two Cents maybe a few blocks from Olson’s.

and then there’s always fucking Sky’s for delicious open-faced shrimp tacos laced with orange grease, i mean that in a very good way.

and that reminds me i need to get to Oki Dog on the fucking double too.

Did you know Ikea in Burbank has started carrying candy by the lb? Salted licorice is available.

I also recently had Swedish pizza (and candy available) at Red’s in Santa Monica. Cannot vouch for authenticity, but enjoyed the doner kebab pizza (which the owner told me is the most popular pizza in Sweden).

If you add my passing acquaintance with Berolina bakery in Montrose and Copenhagen Bakery in Pasadena, that’s pretty much the sum total of what I know about Scandinavian food in LA.

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Terrific. Also socerbit by Carmela on third street has only Swedish candy and bins and bins by the lb but not as much of the super salty licorice stuff. I like the chocolate marzipan Anton berg bites in the pink wrappers.

We like the Copenhagen bakery too. Nice folks. We like the large pretzel shaped Kringle with marzipan inside. The rolls on weekends are great too for sandwiches.


Danish kringles !!!

Fuck yeah fuckers !!!

A brief jaunt to Olsons in Solvang is in store plus some Danish crepes from Ellen’s pancakes.

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Yeah tons of family in Copenhagen now and the Kringle at the Copenhagen bakery is legit.

What i miss most and now u can gettem in nyc are the polser. Danish hot dogs.

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I loved the Skagen sandwich. The brioche bun was oh so buttery and copiously stuffed with shrimp salad. I also had a delightfully light semla and a bottle of elderflower cordial.

@ipsedixit, it definitely is flavored with dill. I’m guessing it might have creme fraiche in the shrimp salad.



Your optimism that anyone here works in the food industry on the peasant level is laudable, but also kind of hilarious.

My thinking was more like someone might know someone.

I don’t understand how i’ve never been here yet. Been by 100 times including twice today

What a lovely spot for lunch! Fam loved it. I come from a salty fish people :slight_smile:


What is that purple stuff?

Herring salad. Beets make it red