On a Cream Tea

@paranoidgarliclover’s comment*,

He asked his dining colleague if she puts clotted cream and then jam or the reverse. He said he puts it on in the reverse. I am DEF a clotted cream then jam. :slight_smile:

reminded me of my “discovery” (at the ripe age of somewhere in my 40s) that the phrase “a cream tea” has absolutely nothing to do with putting cream in one’s tea (as I’d assumed) and, rather, everything to do with putting cream on a scone.

My enlightenment was thanks to this lovely “How to Eat” column:

Btw, I am genuinely bummed that the aforementioned column has stopped: I learned a startling amount about British food/practices/opinions - the comments were often witty and enlightening, too.


Wait, DOES “cream tea” mean cream on the scone??? I’m so confused.

What a fun article. I actually really like the butteryness of clotted cream (and I very much like butter on my toast, too…). I also agree that the jam then cream makes sense b/c I think the jam would be hidden by the cream…


This is news to me. I am 54. Learn something new every day!


Put the cream and jam in squirt bottles and go all two-handed Bobby Flay on the scone.

I don’t really watch him (no particularly reason why). Does he use a lot of squirt bottles???