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Hi. Was hoping someone could give a recommendation for a private chef or a caterer who does smaller parties. My mom has a big birthday coming up and we thinking of having a group of 20 over to the house to celebrate and would love to have a special meal. Let me know iff anyone has an recs on this!

There are a few threads available on this.

I personally use 72 Grapes - Chef Don Estacio a couple of times a year. He is a personal/family friend.


Any preference as to cuisine? If you want French, Christophe Eme or Alain Giraud would be two options:


Chris Kronner told me he’s doing mostly private events and I believe he’s living in LA. He’s known for burgers but he does a lot more than that.

As noted in its own thread, consistency may be an issue with Flavors From Afar but they’re open for catering right now while they’re building out their new location in East Hollywood. I haven’t had a chance to try them yet but I hope to when they’re open for retail:

No one better than Lisa Stalvey, can’t say enough great things about her.

No preference for cuisine, I will take a look! Thank you.

Not sure if this event has already passed but Eater posted a catering list last week:

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If you’re not against mexican you can order trays of rice, beans, meats, from Vallarta mrkts.
A few dzn tamales of both meat and veggy, rice and beans.:man_shrugging:t4:

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