Sacramento lunch and to-go dinner

Doing a quick trip up to Sacto tomorrow for the UCLA game, getting there in time for lunch then driving back with a friend in the evening. Any recommendations for good spots for lunch (downtown/arena close if possible) and then good places to get dinner either right before hitting the road or even edible as we drive?


Go Bruins


pizza supreme being, pizza supreme being, pizza supreme being

@lectroid ?

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2nd pizza supreme being if you can hit them
Up right at lunch for slices.

If you’re here before 1 or so you might try Moonbelly Bakery on Folsom for croissants and other baked goods.

Kinjo handroll bar has lunch and dinner hours (but is slightly spendy)

For cheap and cheerful Mexican, try Mezcal Grill on Broadway. For more hipster Mexi-Cali, Carneceria at The Shack on Folsom

Pangea Biergarten has excellent burgers and a really good fried chicken sandwich. And beer. Hop Garden does decent neopolitan style pizzas And beer.

Just realized you’ll be right downtown. In which case:

Kodaiko Ramen- really good chicken sando, several good ramen choices. The citrus/chicken is a nice choice if you don’t want the heavy duty tonkotsu or the VERY bonito-heavy tsukemen

MidiCi neopolitan pizzas

Most of the restaurants in DoCo (the outdoor mall thing directly next to the stadium) aren’t bad, though they’ll be very least-common-denominator stuff. Poke, Cafe Bernardo is frequented by folks from my partner’s office near there. There’s a decent (if pricey) patisserie

Choosing any of those places will probably NOT lead to disappointment, but also probably not anything too memorable. The places I mentioned (Kodaiko, MidiCi) are walking distance from the stadium. Everything above that is definitely not.


Went to Supreme Being and good god it did not disappoint. Got the square slice (my goodness those grease chalices!) and a regular slice that had some form of italian pork product, jalapenos, honey, and probably some other stuff. So good. Thanks for the recs all! Now…anybody got ideas for Vegas? :slight_smile:


the ‘heatwave’ - as far as i can tell, their second iteration of a hawaiian slice with upgraded ham (first generation was ham, jalapeno, pineapple, a combo worth repeating at other establishments as well)

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