The Japanese Convenience Store-Style Sandwich Specialist, Elevated - The Creamy, Fluffy Egg Salad, Crunchy Pork Cutlet & Eggplant Cutlet and Layered Omelette Sandwiches of Konbi [Thoughts + Pics]



:star_struck: Your commitment to quality control is second to none, @Chowseeker1999! My best friend spent 4+ years teaching in Japan, and I think this would be a fun reminder of her time there. Thanks! I’m going to make a point to take her here for those moments where she misses Japan.
Does Konbi have the best egg salad sandwich in the city now? Since EuroPane is a bust now. Konbi’s version looks just lovely.

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The Insta-crowd may be in love with that egg salad sandwich, but at Konbi my heart will always belong to the layered omelette sandwich.


Thanks @attran99. :slight_smile: I think you’d like it.

Egg Salad? Probably. It’s a different type of sandwich compared to Euro Pane’s. When Euro Pane was at its peak (before it was sold), it was amazing! Konbi’s version was never close to that.

However, for this Konbini-style sandwich? I think it’s the best version we’ve tried locally. :slight_smile:


Great reviews. It’s funny to think of Bulldog sauce as ‘salty’ I guess it may be. For me it’s what I grew up with and the standard by which all tonkatsu sauce is measured.


Yes! Love their Layered Omelette Sandwich! It’s so fluffy, piping hot and freshly made to order. Thanks again @J_L for the recommendation. :slight_smile:

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Next time we hit the Tomago stand, we’ll be sure to BYOB(read). :slight_smile:

Favorite Egg Salad Sandwich of all times. Purchased from an elderly gentleman in Kokusai Dori in Okinawa. He had an irresistible lineup of sandwiches on a low, maybe one metre high table. I was leaning over his table enthusiastically perusing his wares, when I felt my center of gravity shifting alarmingly over my center axis. My internal stall alarm was going crazy. I starting frantically windmilling my arms like a fledgling attempting first flight. I recovered just before I did a face plant on this poor guy’s table.

My wife (who did not try to stop my fall) stood by laughing uncontrollably. Two demure well-coiffed aunties nearby discreetly laughed into their hands. The sandwich man looked at me with a smile, Gaijin!! I was way too relieved to be pissed, having narrowly avoided smashing into this gentleman’s entire daily inventory and having to eat nothing but smooshed sandos for the remainder of the trip.

Took our ONE egg salad sandwich to the Gyokusendo Caves, watched a Mongoose fight a Cobra, loved the sandwich. Best Evah.


Your tale of the near miss made my heart skip a beat as I read it.

Reminds me of a story: One of my buddies was at Kazunori (the handroll joint), seated at the counter right where chef kept all the fresh handroll filling AKA “goodies” (scallops, tuna, salmon, etc.), which were kept just on the other side of the counter. As he reached for more shoyu, he tipped over his large glass of green iced tea, which proceeded to spill forth all its contents, directly INTO the goodies bins! Much gnashing of teeth ensued…


@Google_Gourmet You seem to be having a wonderful time in Japan.

But with all due respect, can we please keep the Japan posts in the Asia section?
These posts are taking humblebrag to new heights.

Edit: Ok, upon further review, based on likes, people seem to be loving your posts wherever they are. Carry on, (you braggart :stuck_out_tongue:!)


Duly noted. :slight_smile:

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Or maybe crossposting? Might be helpful for those visiting Japan, and it’s easy enough to click on a link from the LA board. :slight_smile:


I find his attention seeking humblebrag posts completely unhelpful for this forum section.

Would prob be great if it was posted in the asia section or cross-posted tho.

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Classy response.


We’re in Seattle and I just saw this.


Wow! Konbi named Best New Restaurant by Bon Appetit!


Congrats to Konbi.


Wow had no idea they were recognized by BA magazine, very cool.

Went here twice during my short stay in LA. I quite enjoyed it even though it’s not exacting to how the Japanese convenience store sandwiches are (and of course a lot pricier), but I appreciate this for what it is, as it is still LA’s own take on the theme.

I had the egg salad (half boiled egg and half diced/egg salad) which was great during a hot morning (high 80s already before 10 am) and a subsequent visit I tried the layered egg omelet that was quite delicious (although not Japanese style fluffy in texture). Next time I’ll try other sandwiches. The iced coffee was great…I wish more coffee shops in SF would do a style like this (the one at Destroyer was brilliant too). If you go early enough the croissants are very good once they come out of the oven. Chef on duty that day gifted me a canele that was probably from the day before but it was splendid.

I think what might be missing here which would be great for the afternoon tea crowd especially are fruit and whipped cream Japanese style sandwiches. Think about it, these are very common even in department store high end basement food sections in Japan… and plus with the current season of delightful fruit in SoCal, some that are tasting as good as Japanese department store basement level fruit offerings…it’s a no brainer to put them together. Fruit parfait Japanese style like those Japanese fruit parlors? And using premium Harry’s berries strawberries for the Japanese style parfaits and sandos? Can you say “shizz bomb diggidy yo” in a more eloquent manner? Yes please that too…


Hi @beefnoguy,

Glad you liked it. Yes, I agree that their Tamagoyaki Sando isn’t as fluffy as it could be. Did you get a chance to try Wadatsumi yet? If you haven’t, for next visit, their Tamagoyaki alone is worth a stop for. :wink: (And you can bang x bang with Patisserie Chantilly, or get some Tonkatsu from Kagura, or also stop in for a few small plates at Shoya, or all 3!). :slight_smile:

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My only quibble is i wish they would change up the menu or add a sandwich as a special to keep it interesting for those of us who would like to go back more often.

I hit the sweet spot earlier and got in with no like and just a couple other guests.