“With growing embarrassment, I realize that for all my good intentions, what I’ve done is bring a group of health-conscious seniors some pretty unhealthy, spicy food that they can’t afford.” Shyong on Howlin’ Rays and the Gentrification of Chinatown



Interesting perspective on gentrification. Thanks for the link.


That’s as good as food writing gets.

Two hours in line? Sometimes it’s twice that? Amazing. Especially when at any moment you could bail and walk a few steps to Qin West.

I guess ambitious chefs with Instagram followings are the new thin edge of gentrification. Roy Choi doesn’t get it.

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From Chef Roy: "A little @eatchego news: We are moving, again! Call us the Raiders of the food world. Westside then Eastside now back to the Westside. When we moved to Chinatown six years ago, I saw a vision of empty plazas at night filled with people and a harmony of Chinatown families mixing with next gen merchants where no one got displaced and all boats would rise. Not sure if it all-the-way happened as poetically as I saw in my third, but I think it came close, hopefully with not too much distress to the OG residents. I know it's been a mixed bag as with any growth, but it's been a good thing to see the town become a place for new grassroots start ups. But Chego is a gypsy. We kind of thrive in shadows and the scratch-your-head why are they there kind of place. When we arrived at Far East Plaza, it was us and the OG stores with everyone closed at night except us. It felt right for us. Now that the plaza and the town have grown, I think it's time for us to move on. I am so happy for all the businesses that came in, especially our neighbors in the plaza, and the residual effect in revenue it had on the original shops before them. I'm mixed on all the luxury condos etc but excited to see how balance is achieved as the town continues to grow with so many new entrepreneurs coming in monthly. Shout out to all of you and I'm proud that Chego opened the door. But it's time for us to go back to Palms. Like an old school Kung Fu flick where we go back into the forest. We will be open till the end of April, so get your fix in. Beginning May 1st we will offer a limited Chego menu at Kogi Taqueria till we find our new location back west. Thank you, Chinatown for six great years! Peace and love, The Raiders of Rice Bowls"

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Oh, please. Do you think all these elders in their youth were going out to the same restaurants and clubs as their parents? Of course not. Change happens, youngsters want new and exciting.

The real issue is economic. Making sure the food, shelter and social activities are still affordable and available for our elders. I’m okay with subsidies for pantries and restaurants serving the senior generations. I’m also okay with people making a living charging gentrification prices for fried chicken. It’s a balancing act.

Thank Buddha for statins and ginseng.

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With 100 or 1000 times as much money on one side, is it really a “balancing act”?

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I wouldn’t stand in that long a line for any food in the world.

Different circumstances, sadder times, but food is life…

Ah, yes. I guess I spoke in too broad a term. Thanks.