Lulu at the Hammer

Opens tomorrow. Godspeed.

i’m betting this will be a very polarizing place, those that think they can cook or assemble the same thing at home and those that think a bowl of fruit is the greatest thing of all time.

table of produce as you walk in

tamarind, maple, apple

millet muffin
good. nice crusty exterior and crunch from the millet.

arancini with parmesan
this was dry and needed some kind of sauce to bring everything together. the parmesan had nothing to cling to and just fell off the ball when trying to eat it.

parmigiano with dates and almonds
date on a plate. nice assembly i guess?

baked goat cheese with mixed lettuces

mozzarella & prosciutto on focaccia
fine. a bit dry, i could have used some kind of spread or more oil.

bowl of kishu & satsuma mandarins
did i just get one of the display fruit bowls? no, this was my $10 dessert.
i’ve never been to chez pannise, but i’m aware they’re know for their fruit bowls, i just never thought i would get a literal bowl of unpeeled oranges. this reminded me of the raw fennel course i was served at blue hills at stone barns.
the bowl of persimmons and salted caramel i had at horses the other night was so much better.




Reservations are already open for lunch?


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This looks…uninspiring (sadly).

This kind of cooking does not align with this kind of space in my opinion.

I will reserve final judgment until I give it a shot, but I’m not hopeful on this one.


That piece doesn’t really describe Tanis’s background very well.

LOL looks like reservations are completely booked already–the hype is real.

I’ve never read any of the menu at Chez Panisse as particularly exhilarating or pushing the boundaries of creativity, but the execution is near flawless. If they can bring that level of quality to this new operation it’ll crush.


Yeah this preview from the hammer link @porkybelly posted sounds like it could have come from the cafe menu at Chez. Which is basically what I was expecting

“Examples of dishes on the menu include appetizers such as baked Sonoma goat cheese with garden lettuces and golden beets, and California halibut carpaccio with Meyer lemon; main dishes like Mediterranean fish and shellfish stew with local rock cod and Dungeness crab, and North African lamb tagine with saffron couscous; and desserts such as lemon tart with créme Chantilly, and olive oil walnut cake with pomegranate. Lulu’s a la carte offerings include focaccia sandwiches like mozzarella and arugula with Casella’s prosciutto and a vegetarian eggplant Banh Mi.”


Feel like this might be right up @Omotesando’s alley.

@rlw: there are reservations available on 12/10! :wink:

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I loved the Cafe at Chez Panisse. Had some terrific meals when I lived up there.

This feels more like a traditional museum restaurant.

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It is a museum restaurant.


An Alice Waters restaurant in a bank building. Hmmm…

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The Hammer doesn’t feel anything like a bank to me.

I almost always know when you’ll respond and what you’ll say. :wink: Thanks. It was originally the City National Bank building and still looks like it. When I think of an Alice Waters’ restaurant in L.A. a financial district in Westwood doesn’t come to mind… even if there is a museum in it.


I’ve hardly seen the outside. Did it have that huge atrium and terrace when it was a bank?

The museum was built in 1990. The office building next door was the HQ of Occidental Petroleum.

…and it almost always comes with a link.


I wouldn’t call Westwood Village a financial district, either. Eataly’s the place that feels to me like it’s in out of place in one of those.

Okay, okay, Robert. I’ll go inside and check it out. :roll_eyes: But there most definitely was a CNB in that spot and that part of Wilshire is high-rise office buildings.

Robert, that’s a map of the Village.