Needle - Silver Lake

This place is special enough that it deserves its own dedicated thread.

pork chop bun | salmon creek Farms pork loin, milk bread, spicy salt relish, pickled cucumber
I didn’t have high expectations coming in because I’m not too much of a pork chop fan but how wrong I was! This beast is perfect. Sandwiching the beautifully caramelized and incredibly juicy pork chop is their heavily toasted housemade milk buns that are soft and airy. Moreover, the relish gives the sandwich a bit of texture variation while boosting flavor. And the cucumber? It’s pickled to just the right level of sweet and sourness to superbly balance out all that richness. @TheCookie

Perfectly cooked pork chop with a hint of pink.

Yes, there’s no sauce. But does it really need a sauce? Nope. Look at all the juice from the pork chop that dripped down onto this napkin while I was eating.

almond “jello” | orange, nectarine, mango, pluot, goji berry, lychee jelly
Still as addictive as before. This dessert will probably be off the menu by next week so grab them while they’re still in stock!

I also appreciate the attention-to-detail in the white nectarine slices. Same thickness on every slice.


That almond jello is magic. Bone-in or boneless pork chop?

Boneless, but it’s one of the juiciest piece of pork chop I’ve ever had.


Oh wow! That is a thing of beauty. I love the quality & sourcing of their meats… and what is that glaze?!

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I don’t think it’s a glaze. I wonder if it’s brined and deep fried?


The shiny - drippings from the toppings maybe?


Photo dump

char siu (fatty)
This was fantastic, tender, and fatty and had a wonderfully silky mouthfeel with that perfectly rendered fat.

almond jello
Anybody know how many fruit servings in one almond jello?

duck burger - house-ground duck patty, 8-spice, cabbage slaw, pickled cucumber, shrimp chips, hoisin sauce

blue lake string beans, allium condiment, dried shrimp, fresno chili

almond “jello”, orange, nectarine, mango, pluot, goji berry, lychee jelly

tofu fried rice - fried tofu, egg fried rice, pickled vegetables
got this based on @NYCtoLA’s rec and i really liked it. the texture was great, smooth and just firm enough to hold up to the frying. the consistency actually reminded me of their almond jello. i threw in a bit of my leftover kato chili paste for a bit of heat and it was great.

pork chop fried rice - pork loin, egg fried rice, pickled vegetables
the pork was pretty lean but still tender and moist. i reheated the fried rice in the microwave and it wasn’t dry at all.

This was absolutely delicious, fatty, meaty, and juicy, with a great balance of sweet and savory. You can really taste the quality of the pork.
Thanks to @moonboy403 and @TheCookie’s tip, I charred the shit out of this. I broiled it for about 5 minutes on one side and 3 minutes on the other and cut it extra thick. Loved the crispy burned ends that produced. Is there a competition for top reheater?
Best char siu I’ve had in the city

almond jello, orange, nectarine, mango, pluot, goji berry, lychee jelly
Perfect light and refreshing ending

167 degrees outside requires some hot curry and almond jello inside. Thanks for the rec @NYCtoLA.

beef curry - short rib, potato, tomato, carrots, and chili oil
Nice and rich, love the boost of flavor from the chili oil. Is there dried shrimp in there?

almond jello
i. can’t. stop. eating. this.


is the pork chop in the bun the same one they use with their fried rice?

Looks like it. Marinated and deep fried.

Mine was juicy af and looks better than yours but I ate it on the spot.


Wait, so you like the almond jello? I can’t tell…


He loves, loves it.

Nice dump! I need to start exploring more of the menu! :hearts:


I fucked up. Picked up my order probably 10 to 15 mins late so the fries were steaming in the box and got soggy by the time I had a chance to eat them.

pork chop bun | salmon creek Farms pork loin, milk bread, spicy salt relish, pickled cucumber
Not as amazeballs as the one I had the other night possibly because I waited too long and asked that they slice it in half before they box it. But still excellent. Still loving the juiciness and overall balance.

fries | black pepper sauce and ketchup

beef curry | short rib, potato, tomato, carrot, yellow curry, chili oil
As good as before but with soft and tender short rib this time.

La Mascota Bakery

The concha isn’t nearly as moist this time. I picked these up around 6 so perhaps 6 hours of additional sitting compared to last time didn’t do em any good.


char siu fatty
excellent glaze, tenderness, and fattiness. loved how each piece was perfectly and evenly cut.





one last dance with almond jello x2
wanted to hoard more but somebody got the last ones. @TheCookie, @rlw?




FML. One of you did. I couldn’t get any!


I snagged mine Friday when they first opened, so not me :sweat_smile:

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Looks like the very last one went (fittingly) to Chef Ryan and Karen.


it’s amazing how he’s managed just being the ONLY one doing everything…


Yup. Respect. From buying produce at the Farmer’s Market to prepping to cooking to R&D. He’s doing it all by himself…with great attention-to-detail as well.


I did notice a new male employee helping out and he posted about being able to bring back one of his cooks.